Dungeons & Dragons Game Day June 15th @ 10 a.m.

  • Game Day June 15th 2013

    Dungeons & Dragons NEXT
    and Quantum Games
    [cue music]

    Vault of the Dracolich

    <sup>Oh .. a dracolich. As if the living ones weren't bad enough, right?</sup>

    So an old wizard needs to talk to you about a dungeon, and a dragon.

    He's spreading the word to the masses of adventurers who comb the land for glory.
    That includes you.
    You are called upon to retrieve the Diamond Staff from the clutches of an ancient evil.
    Many others have accepted as well.
    Surrounded by a carniverous cavernous ecosystem, the Staff sits quietly awaiting your rescue, while maligned malignant machinations work their wiles to wrest the energies and ascend themselves to god hood.

    This Game Day event is designed as a multi table adventure. Each table represents an adventuring party and will have their own DM.

    Players are asked to pregenerate a level four character.

    Due to the lethality of the adventure, you may wish to bring multiple characters.

    **Characters generated for Vault of the Dracolich

    Level 4

    Roll HD**

    150 GP for your equipment

    2 Spells per Caster Level

    CharacterGeneration is onWednesday June 12th 2013 at 10:00am

    Pregenerated characters will be available at the event.

    Because this is a D&D NEXT event you will need to go here: http://dndplaytest.wizards.com/

    Register as a playtester on the next version of D&D. Yes, hence the name.

    Download the playtest packet provided.

    As all official WPN D&D, this is an open game. Drop ins are welcome.

    The more people who attend this event, the more excellent it will be.

    It starts at 10:00 a.m. and runs until the adventurers die, or succeed.

    Continuing on from June 19th, the next season of Encounters continues where Game Day leaves off.

    Faerûn is a busy place and the powers at play in the politisphere of this plane are plenty and privy to your parties performance.

    As a continuation of the Game Day, players may continue to use their D&D Next characters through the season of D&D Encounters.

    Attendees of either event may receive swag, and high fives.

    Low fives may be exchanged if performed correctly.

    See this instructional video:

    Please ensure you have observed proper safety regulations and have first aide on hand in case of accident.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post them.

  • First time seeing this, how did the event go??

  • @Conanross:

    First time seeing this, how did the event go??

    Aaaand this is the first I'm seeing your response :)
    Thirteen player turn out, plus two DMs.
    Two tables full; it was epic.

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