Modern Masters draft

  • So is this a thing? If so how much will it be to draft the set per person? Also if this is a thing anyone wanna draft some modern masters on June 8th?

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • I think Al is still figuring out what kind of event(s) he is going to do. I think the draft is going to be minimum $24, possibly more.

  • Was talking to Al about it on friday. Would be $10 a pack, so if we wanted one prize pack per person it'd be $40 a pop. I'd be in, but I think we'd want to just try and take the first 8 that want to do it. I'd be all for two prizes/player so like $50 each. Also we would probably want to rare draft at the end. Real drafting > then just picking the best rare out of each pack and hoping for a deck.

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  • I should be down for drafting regardless.

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