Daniel's Trade Thread

  • Wants:

    2: Watery Grave

    4: Sacred Foundry

    4: Temple Garden

    2: Breeding Pool
    3: Legion Loyalist

    2: Burning-Tree Emissary

    3: Firefist Striker

    3: Boros Reckoner
    Other spells:

    2: Legion's Initiative

    1: Hinterland Harbor

    1: Thespian's Stage
    3: Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

    1: Havoc Festival

    1: Slaughter Games

    1: Cryptborn Horror

    1: Notion Thief

    1: Trostani's Summoner (Full art promo)

    1: Duskmantle Seer

    2: High Priest of Penance

    1: Boros Battleshaper

    1: Emmara Tandris

    1: Advent of the Wurm

    1: Krenko, Mob Boss

    1: Firewing Phoenix

    1: Guild Feud

    1: Mindsparker

    1: Goblin Diplomats

    1: Xathrid Necromancer

    2: Xathrid Gorgon

    1: Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis

    1: Demonlord of Ashmouth

    2: Shimian Specter

    3: Underworld Connections

    1: Curse of Misfortunes

    1: Wit's End

    1: Xathrid Necromancer

    2: Touch of the Eternal

    1: Intrepid Hero

    1: Captain of the watch

    1: Renounce the Guilds (trade pending)

    1: Manor Gargoyl

    1: Sands of Delirium

    1: Strionic Resonator

    1: Door of Destinies

    3: Augur of Bolas

    1: Sphinx of Uthuun

    1: Redirect

    1: Spelltwine

    1: Batt1le of Wits

    1: Void Stalker

    1: Diluvian Primordial

    1: Enter the Infinite

    1: Narcomoeba

    1: Tidebinder Mage

    4: Flinthoof boar

    1: Renegade Krasis

    1: Wild Beastmaster

    1: Quirion Dryad

    2: Predatory Rampage

    1: Boundless Realms

    1: Rancor

    1: Scroll Thief

    1: Harbor Serpent

    1: Survey the Wreckage

    1: Goblin Battle Jester

    1: Ajani's Sunstriker

    1: Avenging Arrow

    1: Essence Drain

    1: Chalice of Life

    1: Ring of Valkas

    1: Spell Rupture

    1: Clear a Path

    1: Faerie Macabre

    1: Boros Battleshaper

    1: Megantic Sliver
    May take other trades (probably will not though).

    Also may have other cards for trade.

  • Sublime Archangel - 15$
    Aurelia, the Warleader - 10$
    Chalice of Life(foil) - 2$
    Lazav, Dimir Mastermind - 2.5$
    Immer Wolf - 0.50c

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • I have the following you need:

    2x Legion Loyalist
    1x Boros Charm

    I don't see anything on your list I could use but refer to mine and see if there is anything you might have that I need or any other cards I have that you might want too:


  • All right will do thank you i see you want a hinterland harbor i just got 1 that I can trade to u if u would like

  • This trade is canceled

  • My:
    Grafdiggers Cage - 3


    Gavony Township - 1.5

  • you still have a thundermaw hellkite for trade??

  • Ye that works

  • Yes i do =)

  • peep my haves let me know if we can work something out

  • i want ur fucking sword.

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • did not see ne thing i wanted sorry

  • Offer…

    Thundermaw hellkite = 20


    1x grafdiggers cage = 3
    4x mixzium mortars = 16
    2x rakdos cackler = 2
    Total = 21

  • How about My

    Frontline Medic


    Rhox Faithmender

  • ye sounds good!

  • whos offer are you responding to??

  • woks but I like your offer 2 =)

  • okay I'll be talking to Steve when he gets home from the modern event tonight, he has my collection cuz I'm outta town working. I'll let you know when he can drop the cards off for you, I'd assume Wednesday or Friday shouldn't be a problem.

  • kk great I should be able to have my cards in by Friday =)

  • sounds good I'll reply to this message after I talk to steve

  • Hey, here's an offer, assuming your Sword of Light and Shadow is the Modern Masters one,

    Frontline Medic
    2x Burning-tree Emissary
    Legion's Initiative
    2x Boros Charm
    Grafdigger's Cage
    Legion Loyalist

    for your

    Sword of L+S

    Also interested in your Duskmantle Seer, but I guess we'll see where this goes first.

    I highly recommend pissing yourself…followed by a course of praying to your impotent god.


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