EDH night

  • Is there a night that works for everybody to get together and play some EDH? I'm almost finished my deck too and want to start playing. FWIW, if there isn't a night that works for Al, I have a fairly large house with a good amount of table space.

  • i'd be down for some edh sometime steve! which general do u run? sunday afternoons or evenings work best for me but depending on turnout i might come down on a weekday night.

    btw u should've posted this under hawkers alley haha people hardly ever look here

  • haha yeah, i thought i'd give it a try here. I'm playing an edric deck at the moment, the evasive weenie type as opposed to the elves. I probabaly still need to pick up a library, but i'm trying it without at the moment.

    sundays will probably work once GoT is done for the season (two more weeks). I finish work at 4 on sundays if i work so it should work then.

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