Well this is weird, Hello!

  • Hello! My name is Joseph and I am a gamer. an online gamer that is, see 3 years ago I saw WH40K. thought i was going to get into it. then I found out I'm 12 and I'm broke. so that sucked. I have given up on doing WH but over these last 3 years I was playing Computer games. usually a very competitive game called StarCraft2. I was really having a good time (even though i sucked) and was getting better. but something was missing. so my friends introduced me to league of legends. now why Am i telling you all this? well when i was playing leagues, one of my friends was talking about This game called Magic the Gathering. So I have done some research, played some of the planeswalker games on steam and I have to tell you, this game is the Shit! its awesome! and I really want to get into it! I am really just a 15 year old kid (bleh) who wants to start playing Magic the gathering

    Armed and Ready!


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