Declan's [meagre] trade thread

  • <u>updated 15/8/2013</u>
    Leaving for Toronto on the 30th of August, won't be back until next year.

    Most recent additions:
    1 Ogre Battledriver
    1 Chandra's Phoenix
    4 Champion of the Parish
    1 Clifftop Retreat
    2 Hellrider
    1 Odric, Master Tactician
    1 Rest in Peace
    2 Silverblade Paladin

    -High Priority-
    4 Overgrown Tomb
    4 Watery Grave
    3 Nightviel Spectre (preferabley promo)
    1 Consuming Aberration
    3 Dimir Charm (FNM Foil)
    -Low Priority-
    3 Breeding Pool
    2 Geralf's Messenger
    2 Cemetery Reaper
    2 Lord of the Undead
    1 Ajani, Caller of the Pride
    2 Woodland Cemetery
    4 Lotleth Troll (1 pending)

    1 Devout Invocation
    3 Elite Arcanist
    3 Clone
    2 Rise of the Dark Realms
    2 Haunted Plate Mail
    2 Seraph of the Sword
    2 Dark Prophecy
    1 Savage Summoning
    1 Garruk's Horde
    1 Into the Wilds
    1 Burning Earth
    1 Ogre Battledriver
    1 Chandra, Pyromaster
    1 Mind Sparker
    2 Shivan Dragon
    1 Wild Ricochet
    2 Chandra's Phoenix
    1 Shadowborn Demon
    1 Grim Return
    2 Liliana's Reaver
    1 Guardian of the Ages
    1 Darksteel Forge
    1 Pyromancer's Gauntlet
    1 Strionic Resonator
    2 Ratchet Bomb (1 Foil)
    1 Domestication
    1 Windreader Sphinx
    1 Planar Cleansing
    1 Emblem: Liliana of the Dark Realms
    6 Shadowborn Apostle

    1 Blood Crypt (for other lands)
    1 Clifftop Retreat (for other lands)

    1 Palisade Giant
    1 Nevermore
    1 Martial Law
    1 Odric, Master Tactician
    1 Rest in Peace
    4 Champion of the Parish
    2 Silverblade Paladin
    1 Lingering Souls

    1 Void Stalker
    2 Sphinx of Uthuun
    1 Sphinx of the Chimes
    1 Trait Doctoring
    1 Augur of Bolas

    2 Endless Ranks of the Dead
    1 Reaper of the Abyss
    1 Unbreathing Horde
    2 Skirsdag Highpriest
    1 Sepulchral Primordial

    1 Reverberate
    2 Five-Alarm Fire
    1 Firewing Phoenix
    1 Instigator Gang
    2 Wrecking Ogre
    1 Molten Primordial
    1 Hound of Griselbrand
    2 Hellrider
    1 Increasing Vengeance

    1 Predatory Rampage
    1 Skarrg Goliath
    1 Guttergrime
    1 Flinthoof Boar

    1 Sands of Delirium
    1 Volatile Rig

    1 Signal the clans
    2 CryptBorn Horror
    1 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born
    2 Gruul Ragebeast
    1 Rubblebelt Raiders
    1 Spark Trooper
    1 Flesh/Blood
    1 Ready/Willing
    1 Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch
    1 Melek, Izzet Paragon
    1 Deathpact Angel
    1 Nightveil Specter
    1 Clan Defiance
    2 Burning-Tree Emissary
    1 Dragonshift (Foil)

    1 Downpour
    1 Angelic Edict
    1 Farbog Explorer
    1 Mountain
    1 Orzhov Guildgate (DGM)
    1 Maze's End (DGM Promo)
    1 Drown in Filth
    1 Armoured Transport
    1 Murder Investigation
    1 Mark of the Vampire (M14)
    1 Griffin Sentinel (M14)
    1 Dawnstriker Paladin
    1 Molten Birth
    1 Seacoast Drake
    1 Woodborn Behemoth
    1 Shrivel (M14)

    1 Woodfall Primus (Shadowmoor)
    1 Khalni Hydra
    1 Saltblast (Foil)
    –--------I'm not just interested in the cards on my wants list, if you have anything that you think I might like and you want something I have then feel free to offer.----------

  • my ooze flux for your foil island? i'm also interested in your other foil basics if u can find something on my thread (paul's)

  • I can't see anything that immediately catches my eye from your list right now. As for the land, could you throw something else in to even it up (a foil land is worth $1, ooze flux is $0.50)?

  • haha sure if u can find something small to even it more that's fine by me. do you mainly just play standard?

    also if their are any commons/uncommons you're looking for let me know and ill check and see if i have em.

  • I have an extra Vorapede and a Ooze Flux (foil).


    Vorapede = 3
    Ooze Flux (Foil) = 2
    Something else?

    For Your

    Mizzium Mortars = 3.5
    Lingering Souls = 2.5

    Here is a list of my stuff:

  • Whaddaya think about my hellrider (8) for 2 burning-trees (3x2=6) and your assemble the legion (2)?

    /has never traded before in his life

  • Offer:

    (1) Ooze Flux = $0.50
    (1) Ulvenwald Tracker = $1.50
    Total = $2

    (1) Lingering Souls = $2.50

    I can add in either another Ooze Flux of a Boros Guildgate if that works for you?

  • Hellrider is 6 right now, so could you add a $2 filler? If not then I can do the two burning-trees for him.

  • Mine's from the duel deck, hence the 8$, and I don't have anything else that you want besides an ooze flux.

    What about a foil Talrand + Hellrider?

  • If you can throw in a Wolfir Avenger then you've got yourself a deal

  • Foil Talrand + Hellrider for the two burning-trees and assemble the legion? Alright

  • Sounds good, I'll drop the cards off for you Saturday afternoon, any chance you can drop the Lingering Souls off at the store by then?

  • I'll probably be getting my last ooze flux in another trade, but I do notice that you want a rootbound crag.
    How about my: Rootbound crag (5)
    Mizzium Mortars (3.5)

    • a filler
      For your: Vorapede (3)
      Trostani (6)

  • Yeah, I should be heading in for FNM tomorrow and I can drop of the lingering souls then. Shall I just addressing it to empireking3417?

  • Yeah, I only really play standard right now. I've got my ooze flux, but is there anything you want for that blood scrivener?

  • Awesome.
    I'll be there saturday afternoon as well. Again, very new to this–what do I do with the cards?

  • Yes, you can address them to empireking3417, but if it's easier for you, just address it to Kyle Wright (My Name).


  • I'm pretty new to this as well, but from what I can tell you just slip them in a case or something along with a slip of paper addressed to me (Declan) and drop them off at the store. Your stuff should be there by Saturday to pick, just ask for it. Am I addressing it to BonesTheHeretic?

  • Okay, will do. And yeah, BonesTheHeretic works fine, Toby if you want.

  • Hmm I really need a kessig wolf run right now. How about that and a rootbound crag ($9 total) and u find something from my thread for $1?

  • I'll probably be getting my last ooze flux in another trade, but I do notice that you want a rootbound crag.
    How about my: Rootbound crag (5)
    Mizzium Mortars (3.5)

    • a filler
      For your: Vorapede (3)
      Trostani (6)

    That sounds good… could you throw in the Devil's Play?

    There are a few other things you have that I could use (around 5 worth) if you can find more on my list you need.

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