• For he has risen! …And not just to bolster my (already intimidating) thread cred.
    I'm back on the MTG. In spirit.
    I'll be on MTGO. I know, I'd rather play paper, but shop times do not coincide with my times.
    If anyone is on this infernal service in which you pay money for digital "property," add me: Flinty88
    (I can also be found on B.net: Flinty#1950)

  • Well seeing as Hasbro put the lock down on Cockatrice, I imagine you had to find somewhere to play huh. Cmon gypsy, come back to the paper magic

  • Unce Unce Unce Unce Unce

    In before Ty!

  • Yeah I can't game for free anymore I guess, thanks Hasbro.
    I still have my Commander deck, but other than that I shipped all my cards off to a little place in Roanoke.
    Unce unce unce

  • ewwww well I have a few commander decks built myself.

  • its a gypsy party!!! No one plays this digital magical you speak of

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • Maybe Commander it sometime then.
    Yeah I think Corey is the only other one I know of. Get out of your wooden caravans you gyps and get with the times. It's the digital age.

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