Site Updates

  • Hi all; the site received a lot of much needed love today and all the software received a nice hefty upgrade.

    The forums are obviously intact (phew) and now upgraded to v2.0 (from 1.something or other).
    However, I forgot to transfer the forums CSS back from the backup.

    If you note any areas of the site showing weird errors or sudden white screens of death please don't hesitate to let me know.

    I've fleshed the User MTG Card List and Sought feature a bit with a new Tradelists page.
    I realize that the feature, while neat, will need a bit better functionality before people use it instead of the trade threads.
    For now it allows you to peruse all users registered on Quantum Games, and their inherent Libraries and Cards Sought.

    You can search peoples libraries with text as well. In time, if people are keeping these libraries up to date, it should be a simple matter for folks to find out who is looking for what card, and who has what card.

    I don't expect people to stop conducting business through trade threads; but I hope to figure a system whereby people can easily conduct their trades more easily, without having to use the forums solely for the trading.

    If necessary, I can expand the system to include additional variables. We can include a separate Cards for Trade list as well.

    In theory, if the cards were populated on the site, we could use actual cards instead of just a text list…

    I'm considering removing the reply titles for comments. They don't seem necessary and I don't think any one will miss them.

    As always, if you have any suggestions, wants, needs, etc, please voice them! I may not always get to them right away, but I do try to implement what I can when time permits.

  • Updated forum looks good.

  • agreed. damn spiffy if i do say so

  • I will third that. Well done Dooley.

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