Zender's Trade List - Updated Sept 17, 2016

  • UPDATED: SEPT 17, 2016

    What I am looking for:

    High Priority:

    Normal Priority:
    3x Canopy Vista
    2x Cinder Glade
    1x Dark Petition
    2x Hissing Quagmire
    1x Nahiri, the Harbinger

    Super Low Priority Wants:
    2x Archangel Avacyn
    1x Arlinn Kord
    1x Chandra, Roaring Flame
    3x Declaration in Stone
    2x Foreboding Ruins
    1x Fortified Village
    2x Game Trail
    2x Hangerback Walker
    1x Kozilek's Return
    1x Liliana, Heretical Healer
    3x Port Town
    1x Reality Smasher
    3x Sylvan Advocate
    2x Thought-Knot Seer
    2x Wandering Fumarole

    Definition of 'priority':
    High Priority = pick anything on my list as I will trade anything pretty much for them.
    Normal Priority = most likely to trade for but probably not for something like fetches which are reserved for my high priority items.
    Low Priority = mainly here for me to keep track of what I need but not too interested in them. Top ups mostly.

    *If you find anything on my list you want but don't have any of the things I am looking for feel free to still ask as I can look over your list and maybe find something I might want.

    What I have for trade:




    *See foils at end of list

    2x Akoum Firebird
    2x Drana, Liberator of Malakir (1x FOIL)
    1x General Tazri
    2x Greenwarden of Murasa
    1x Kiora, Master of the Depths
    1x Kytheon, Hero of Akros (Black SDCC Promo)
    2x Omnath, Locus of Rage
    1x Rise of the Dark Realms
    2x Sphinx of the Final Word
    1x Void Winnower
    1x World Breaker

    1x Akoum Hellkite
    1x Aligned Hedron Network
    1x Ally Encampment
    1x Altered Ego
    2x Angelic Captain
    2x Arashin Foremost
    4x Asylum Visitor
    2x Avacyn's Judgment
    1x Avatar of the Resolute
    1x Aven Surveyor
    2x Barrage Tyrant
    5x Beastcaller Savant (1x FOIL)
    1x Bedlam Reveler
    1x Behold the Beyond
    1x Bident of Thassa (FOIL Promo)
    2x Blight Herder
    1x Bloodhall Priest
    1x Brain in a Jar
    1x Bring to Light (FOIL)
    3x Brood Butcher1
    2x Burn from Within
    2x Call the Gatewatch
    2x Captain's Claws (1x FOIL)
    1x Choked Estuary
    1x Coax from the Blind Eternities
    2x Collective Defiance
    1x Commune with Lava
    3x Confirm Suspicions
    1x Corrupted Grafstone
    4x Cryptbreaker (1x FOIL Promo)
    1x Cryptolith Rite
    3x Deceiver of Form
    3x Deepfathom Skulker
    5x Defiant Bloodlord
    2x Desolation Twin
    1x Devil's Playground
    4x Dimensional Infiltrator
    4x Diregraf Colossus
    2x Distended Mindbender
    3x Drana's Chosen
    3x Dread Defiler
    2x Drogskol Cavalry
    2x Drowner of Hope
    2x Eldrazi Obligator
    2x Elusive Tormentor
    2x Emeria Shepherd
    1x Endbringer
    1x Eternal Scourge (FOIL)
    1x Ever After
    4x Exert Influence
    1x Falkenrath Gorger
    1x Felidar Sovereign
    3x Flameblade Angel
    1x Forgotten Creation
    2x From Beyond (1x FOIL)
    1x From Under the Floorboards
    2x Geier Reach Bandit
    1x Geier Reach Sanitarium (FOIL)
    1x General Tazri
    2x Geralf's Masterpiece
    5x Gladehart Cavalry
    1x Goblin Dark-Dwellers (FOIL Promo)
    1x Grim Return
    1x Gruesome Slaughter
    4x Gruul Draz Overseer
    1x Guardian of Tazeem
    1x Hall of Triumph
    2x Harmless Offering
    2x Harness the Storm
    1x Hanweir Militia Captain (FOIL)
    3x Hedron Alignment
    1x Hero of Goma Fada
    2x Heron's Grace Champion
    1x Identity Thief
    3x Inexorable Blob
    1x Inverter of Truth
    2x Invocation of Saint Traft
    2x Jori En, Ruin Diver (1x FOIL Full Art Promo)
    1x Karamentra's Acolyte (FOIL Holiday Promo)
    2x Lantern Scout
    1x Lupine Prototype
    5x March of the Tomb (1x FOIL)
    3x Markov Dreadknight
    3x Mina and Denn, Wildborn
    2x Mindwrack Demon
    5x Mizzium Meddler
    5x Munda, Ambush Leader
    2x Munda's Vanguard
    3x Nephalia Moondrakes
    1x Niblis of Frost
    2x Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
    2x Oran-Rief Hydra
    2x Overwhelming Wave
    2x Planar Outburst
    1x Prairie Stream
    2x Prism Array
    2x Radiant Flames
    3x Remorseless Punishment
    1x Ruinous Path
    1x Sage of Ancient Lore
    1x Scourge Of Valkas
    2x Second Harvest
    1x Selfless Spirit
    2x Serpentine Spike
    1x Shambling Vent
    2x Sifter of Skulls
    2x Sigarda, Heron's Grace
    2x Sigarda's Aid
    2x Silverfur Partisan
    1x Sin Prodder
    2x Slayer's Plate (1x FOIL)
    2x Smothering Abomination
    3x Soul Separator
    2x Soul Swallower
    1x Spirit of the Hunt
    2x Stitcher's Graft
    1x Stone Haven Outfitter
    1x Stoneforge Masterwork
    3x Stormkirk Occultist
    1x Sunken Hollow
    1x Sylvan Advocate (FOIL)
    1x To the Slaughter
    2x Tyrant of Valakut
    3x Ugin's Insight (1x FOIL)
    2x Ulvenwald Hydra
    4x Veteran Warleader
    3x Vile Redeemer
    2x Volcanic Vision
    1x Voldaren Pariah
    1x Vryn Wingmare
    3x Wasteland Strangler
    3x Welcome to Fold (1x FOIL)
    1x Wolf of Devil's Breach
    4x Woodland Wanderer
    6x Zada, Hedron Grinder (3x FOIL)
    2x Zendikar Resurgent

    1x Catacomb Sifter (FOIL)
    2x Duskwatch Recruiter
    1x Lightning Axe
    2x Roast (FNM Promo FOIL)
    1x Roil Spout (FOIL)
    1x Ultimate Price (FNM Promo FOIL)

    Older Cards (black border)
    2x Abhorrent Overlord
    2x Abzan Ascendancy
    2x Aegis Angel
    4x Agent of the Fates
    3x Aggressive Mining
    6x Ajani's Chosen
    2x Akroan Horse
    1x Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
    1x Alhammarret, High Arbiter
    1x Alhammarret's Archive
    2x Alms Beast
    3x Altar of the Brood
    3x Angelic Overseer
    1x Angelic Skirmisher
    1x Anger of the Gods
    2x Animist's Awakening
    4x Ankle Shanker
    6x Anthousa, Setessan Hero (1x FOIL)
    2x Arashin Sovereign
    2x Arbiter of the Ideal
    4x Arcbond
    1x Archfiend of Depravity
    2x Archon of the Triumvirate
    4x Archwing Dragon
    2x Artisan of Forms
    1x Ashen Rider
    2x Assault Formation
    4x Assemble the Legion
    2x Astral Cornucopia
    7x Atarka, World Render (1x FOIL)
    1x Augur of Bolas
    1x Aurelia's Fury
    4x Avalanche Tusker
    1x Avarice Amulet
    5x Awaken the Ancient
    1x Azor's Elocutors
    1x Azorius Charm
    1x Baron Sengir
    1x Battlefield Forge
    1x Battlefield Thaumaturge
    2x Bearer of the Heavens
    6x Beck/Call
    2x Beserkers' Onslaught
    1x Biovisionary
    1x Blessed Reincarnation
    2x Blind Obedience
    1x Blood Artist
    1x Blood Baron of Vizkopa
    4x Blood-Chin Fanatic
    2x Bloodstained Mire
    2x Bogbrew Witch
    2x Boltwing Marauder
    1x Borborygmos Enraged
    1x Boros Battleshaper
    1x Boros Reckoner
    1x Bow of Nylea
    1x Brand
    1x Breaking/Entering
    1x Burning Anger
    1x Burning Earth
    1x Carnival Hellsteed
    1x Carpet of Flowers
    2x Catch/Release
    2x Chandra, the Firebrand
    4x Chandra's Ignition
    2x Chandra's Phoenix (1x FOIL)
    1x Chaos Imp
    4x Charmbreaker Devils
    1x Chasm Skulker
    1x Chief Engineer
    2x Clan Defiance
    2x Clone
    2x Clone Legion
    5x Collective Blessing
    1x Colossal Whale
    1x Colossus of Akros
    1x Conjurer's Closet
    2x Conjured Currency
    4x Corpsejack Menace
    2x Corpseweft
    2x Council of the Absolute
    1x Crucible of the Spirit Dragon
    1x Cruel Sadist
    2x Cryptborn Horror
    2x Crypt Ghast
    1x Curse of the Swine
    1x Daghatar the Adamant
    1x Daring Thief
    3x Dark Prophecy
    1x Dawnbringer Charioteers
    2x Death's Presence
    3x Deadbridge Goliath
    2x Deathbringer Regent
    2x Deflecting Palm
    1x Denying Wind (FOIL)
    4x Desecration Demon
    3x Despoiler of Souls
    2x Detention Sphere
    3x Devil's Play (1x Duel Deck)
    1x Dictate of Erebos
    1x Dictate of the Twin Gods
    1x Diluvian Primordial
    2x Displacement Wave
    3x Domestication (one is original print)
    1x Doomwake Giant (FOIL)
    1x Door of Destinies
    1x Door to Nothingness
    1x Dragon Tempest
    3x Dragon Throne of Tarkir
    2x Dragon-Style Twins
    1x Dragonscale General
    1x Dragonshift
    1x Dreadbore
    3x Dromoka, the Eternal
    2x Duneblast (1x FOIL)
    4x Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen (1x FOIL)
    4x Eater of Hope
    1x Eidolon of the Great Revel
    1x Eidolon of Countless Battles
    1x Elephant Resurgence
    4x Elite Arcanist
    5x Elite Inquistitor
    1x Elvish Archdruid
    5x Ember Swallower
    5x Embermaw Hellion
    3x Emma Tandris
    1x Enter the Infinite
    1x Erebos, God of the Dead
    1x Evolutionary Leap
    1x Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch
    2x Extinguish All Hope
    1x Fabled Hero
    1x Faith Healer
    3x Faith's Reward
    2x Fated Conflagration (1x FOIL Promo)
    1x Fated Infatuation
    1x Fated Intervention
    3x Fated Return
    3x Fathom Mage
    1x Felhide Spiritbinder
    4x Fiend of Shadows
    3x Fiendslayer Paladin
    3x Firedrinker Satyr
    2x Firemane Avenger
    2x Firemind's Foresight
    1x Firewing Pheonix
    4x Five-Alarm Fire
    4x Flamerush Rider
    4x Flameshadow Conjuring (1x FOIL)
    1x Flayer of the Hatebound (FOIL)
    2x Flesh/Blood
    3x Flinthoof Boar
    1x Flying Crane Technique
    2x Foe-Razer Regent
    4x Forgestoker Dragon (1x FOIL Promo, 1x FOIL)
    2x Foul Renewal
    1x Foundry Champion
    3x Frontline Medic
    1x Fyndhorn Elves (Ice Age)
    5x Gaea's Revenge
    3x Gaze of Granite
    2x Geralf's Messenger
    3x Ghastly Conscription
    1x Ghostfire Blade
    7x Gideon's Phalanx (1x FOIL)
    1x Gift of Immortality
    1x Gild
    6x Gilt-Leaf Winnower
    3x Gleam of Authority
    4x Goblin Diplomat
    2x Goblin Kaboomist
    5x Goblin Piledriver
    1x Goblin Warchief (FNM FOIL Promo)
    3x Graveblade Marauder (1x FOIL)
    1x Greel, Mind Raker
    2x Grim Haruspex
    2x Grindclock (1x FOIL)
    1x Ground Seal
    2x Grove of the Guardian (1x FOIL)
    3x Gruul Ragebeast
    1x Guardian of the Ages
    1x Guild Feud
    2x Gyre Sage
    4x Hamletback Goliath
    3x Harbringer of the Hunt
    1x Hardened Scales
    5x Haunted Plate Mail
    1x Havok Festival
    2x Hedonist's Trove
    1x Hellrider (Duel Deck)
    3x Helm of the Gods
    3x Herald of Anafenza
    4x Herald of War
    1x Hero of Leina Tower
    1x Heroes' Podium
    6x High Priest of Penance
    4x Hixus, Prison Warden
    1x Hoarding Dragon (FOIL)
    5x Honored Hierarch (1x FOIL)
    2x Hooded Hydra
    2x Hound of Griselbrand
    3x Howl of the Horde (1x FOIL)
    4x Hundred-Handed One
    1x Hunter's Prowess (FOIL)
    2x Hymn of Tourach (Fallen Empires, 2 diff art)
    1x Hypersonic Dragon
    3x Hypnotic Siren
    3x Hythonia the Cruel
    1x Icy Blast
    3x Illusionist's Bracers
    3x Illusory Gains
    5x Immortal Servitude
    4x Imposing Sovereign
    1x Indestructiblity
    1x Indulgent Tormentor
    2x Infinite Obliteration
    1x Into the Wilds
    1x Intrepid Hero
    4x Invisible Stalker
    1x Isperia, Supreme Judgement
    1x Ivorytusk Fortress
    1x Izzet Charm
    1x Jace, Memory Adept
    4x Jace's Sanctum
    3x Jalira, Master Polymorphist
    5x Jarad's Orders
    1x Jeering Instigator
    1x Jeskai Ascendancy
    1x Jeskai Charm
    4x Jeskai Infiltrator
    1x Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
    1x Kalonian Hydra
    1x Kalonian Twingrove
    1x Kessig Cagebreakers
    1x Kheru Lich Lord
    5x Kheru Spellsnatcher
    4x King Macar, the Gold-Cursed
    2x Kurin Outlaw
    3x Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient
    5x Kytheon's Irregulars
    1x Labyrinth Champion
    1x Lavinia of the Tenth
    2x Legion's Initiative
    2x Life's Legacy
    1x Lifebane Zombie
    1x Liliana's Reaver
    2x Living Lore
    3x Llanowar Wastes
    4x Loxodon Smiter
    3x Mage-Ring Responder
    2x Magmaquake
    1x Mahamoti Djinn
    4x Mana Bloom
    2x Mardu Strike Leader
    4x Markov Blademaster
    1x Mass Calcify
    1x Master Biomancer
    1x Master of the Pearl Trident
    3x Meandering Towershell
    3x Melek, Izzet Paragon
    2x Meletis Charlatan
    2x Mercurial Chemister
    4x Mercurial Pretender (1x FOIL)
    2x Mindreaver
    4x Mindsparker
    2x Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker
    2x Mirror Mockery
    2x Mistcutter Hydra
    2x Mizzium Mortars
    2x Mob Rule
    1x Mogis, God of Slaughter
    1x Molten Primordial
    2x Molten Vortex
    3x Monastery Siege
    1x Moonsilver Spear (FNM FOIL Promo)
    1x Murderous Cut
    3x Mutilate
    1x Mystic Genesis
    2x Necromancer's Stockpile
    2x Necromaster Dragon
    2x Necropolis Fiend
    1x Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
    6x Nessian Wilds Ravanger (1x FOIL, 3x FOIL Promo)
    1x Nightmare
    4x Nightveil Specter
    2x Nissa's Revelation
    2x Nivmagus Elemental
    1x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
    1x Oath of the Ancient Wood
    1x Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
    1x Obscuring Aether (FOIL)
    5x Obzedat's Aid
    1x Obzedat, Ghost Council
    1x Ogre Battledriver
    1x Ogre Slumlord
    3x Ojutai, Soul of Winter
    1x Ooze Flux (FOIL)
    1x Ordric, Master Tactician
    2x Outland Colossus (1x FOIL)
    2x Palace Siege
    1x Palisade Giant
    2x Path to Exile (FNM FOIL Promo)
    2x Perplexing Chimera
    1x Polukranos, World Eater
    1x Phytotitan (FOIL Promo)
    1x Pithing Needle
    2x Pitless Horde
    1x Planar Cleansing (M13)
    1x Plea for Guidance
    1x Polluted Delta
    1x Polymorphous Rush
    2x Pontiff of Blight
    2x Possibility Storm
    5x Precinct Captain
    3x Preeminent Captain (1x FOIL)
    4x Predator Ooze
    1x Predatory Rampage
    1x Priest of the Blood Rite
    1x Prime Speaker Zegana
    1x Primordial Hydra (XBOX Promo)
    1x Pristine Skywise
    1x Profaner of the Dead
    2x Profound Journey
    2x Prophetic Flamespeaker
    1x Psychic Intrusion
    1x Purphoros, God of the Forge
    1x Pyrewild Shaman
    1x Pyromancer's Goggles
    4x Pyromancer's Guantlet
    1x Pyxis of Panemonium
    1x Quirion Dryad
    1x Rakdos's Return
    1x Rakshasa Vizier
    1x Ratchet Bomb
    4x Ready/Willing
    2x Realmwright
    1x Reap Intellect
    3x Relic Seeker
    4x Render Silent
    4x Renounce the Guilds
    2x Resolute Archangel
    2x Retribution of the Ancients
    1x Revel of the Fallen God
    3x Reverent Hunter
    2x Rhuic Thar, the Unbowed
    3x Rhystic Study
    1x Rubblebelt Raider
    3x Rubblehulk
    2x Sage of the Inward Eye
    1x Sage-Eye Avengers
    3x Sandsteppe Mastodon
    1x Sanguine Bond
    2x Savage Knuckleblade
    2x Savage Summoning
    3x Savageborn Hydra
    4x Scab-Clan Berserker
    3x Scion of Vitu-Ghazi
    1x Scourge of Fleets
    2x Scourge of Skola Vale
    4x Scroll of the Masters
    2x Scuttling Doom Engine
    1x Search the City
    1x Sepulchral Primordial
    1x Seraph of the Sword
    1x Serum Visions (FNM FOIL Promo)
    1x Setessan Tactics
    4x Sever the Bloodline
    3x Shadowborn Demon
    4x Shamanic Revelation (1x FOIL)
    2x Sheild of the Avatar
    2x Shipbreaker Kraken
    2x Shivan Dragon
    1x Shivan Reef
    1x Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest
    3x Siege Dragon (FOIL Promo)
    1x Sigil of the Empty Throne
    2x Signal the Clans
    1x Silence
    5x Silent Sentinel (1x FOIL)
    1x Silklash Spider
    3x Silumgar Assassin
    1x Silumgar's Command
    1x Silverblade Paladin
    4x Simic Manipulator
    5x Sire of Insanity
    1x Skarrg Goliath
    2x Skirsdag High Priest
    1x Skybind
    1x Sliver Hive
    1x Sorin, Solemn Visitor
    1x Soul of New Phyrexia
    1x Soul of Zendikar
    4x Soul Ransom (3x FOIL)
    1x Soul of Ravnica
    3x Soulblade Djinn
    3x Soulflayer
    3x Spark Trooper
    3x Spawn of Thraxes (1x FOIL)
    1x Sphinx of Chimes
    2x Spirit Bonds
    1x Stain the Mind
    5x Steam Augury (1x FOIL)
    2x Stionic Resonator
    1x Stolen Identity
    2x Stormtide Leviathan
    4x Strangleroot Geist
    1x Stromkirk Noble
    1x Stuffy Doll
    4x Sultai Charm
    1x Sunbringer's Touch
    2x Sunken Field
    4x Sunscorch Regent
    4x Supplant Form (1x FOIL Full Art Promo)
    4x Sword of the Animist
    1x Tainted Remedy
    5x Tajic, Blade of the Legion
    6x Talent of the Telepath
    1x Talrand, Sky Summoner
    1x Tasigur, the Golden Fang
    2x Temur Charm
    2x Temur War Shaman
    1x Terra Stomper
    2x Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts
    1x The Chain Veil
    4x The Great Aurora
    3x Thopter Spy Network (1x FOIL)
    3x Thousand Winds
    1x Thragtusk
    1x Tidebinder Mage
    2x Titan of Eternal Fire
    2x Trail of Mystery
    2x Trait Doctoring
    2x Traumatize
    1x Treasury Thrull
    4x Triad of Fates
    3x Tromokratis
    1x Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
    1x Twinflame
    1x Tymaret, the Murder King
    2x Ugin's Nexus
    5x Undercity Plague
    1x Underworld Cerberus
    4x Underworld Connections
    1x Ultimate Price
    9x Vampire Nighthawk
    1x Vampire Nocturnus (PS3 PROMO)
    1x Vastwood Hydra
    1x Void Stalker
    4x Vorel of the Hull Clade
    1x Wayfaring Temple
    2x Wild Beastmaster
    4x Wild Ricochet
    2x Wildcall
    1x Wit's End
    1x Witchstalker
    1x Whims of the Fates
    3x Whispering Madness
    1x Wooded Foothills
    2x Wolfir Silverheart
    4x Wrecking Ogre
    4x Xathrid Necromancer
    1x Yasova Dragonclaw
    3x Yisan, the Wanderer Bard
    2x Zhur-Taa Ancient
    1x Zombie Apocalypse
    1x Emblem - Domri Rade
    1x Emblem - Garruk, Caller of Beasts
    1x Emblem - Liliana of the Dark Realms

    Older Cards (white border)
    1x Aether Flash
    1x Agonizing Memories
    1x Amber Prison
    1x Ancestral Memories
    1x Archangel (6th)
    1x Blaze
    1x Blight
    1x Blighted Shaman
    1x Celestial Dawn
    2x Crystal Vein
    1x Counterspell (6th)
    1x Daring Apprentice
    2x Deathgrip
    1x Dread of Night
    1x Fallen Angel
    1x Fallow Earth
    2x Flashfires
    1x Fyndhorn Elder
    1x Glasses of Urza
    1x Hecatomb
    1x Hurricane (6th)
    1x Infernal Contract
    1x Inferno
    1x Ivory Tower
    1x Juxtapose
    2x Lifeforce
    2x Light of Day
    5x Llanowar Elves (2x 4th, 3x 6th)
    1x Marble Diamond
    1x Memory Lapse
    2x Moss Diamond
    1x Ornithoper
    1x Perish
    1x Pillage
    1x Prosperity
    2x Royal Assassin
    1x Tariff
    1x Tormod's Crypt
    1x Verduran Enchantress
    7x Willbreaker

    I also have other 4th edition -> 6th edition, other expansions and lands from around that timeframe that I would be willing to trade as well. If you are looking for something specific around that area just ask I will check to see if I have it (mostly commons and uncommons).


    Eldritch Moon
    1x Borrowed Malevolence
    1x Cathar's Shield
    1x Cryptbreaker
    1x Eternal Scourge
    1x Falkenrath Reaver
    1x Geier Reach Sanitarium
    1x Ingenious Skaab
    1x Lone Rider
    1x Long Road Home
    1x Ruthless Disposal
    1x Spreading Flames
    1x Vildin-Pack Outcast
    1x Swamp #291

    Shadows of Innistrad
    1x Byway Courier
    1x Cathar's Companion
    1x Chaplain's Blessing
    1x Deny Existence
    1x Dissension in the Ranks
    1x Fiery Temper
    1x Gone Missing
    1x Graf Mole
    1x Hanweir Militia Captain
    1x Heir of Falkenrath
    1x Morkrut Necropod
    1x Niblis of Dusk
    1x Paranoid Parish-Blade
    1x Pious Evangel
    1x Punctured Light
    1x Shard of Broken Glass
    1x Sinister Concoction
    1x Slayer's Plate
    1x Trail of Evidence
    1x Welcome to Fold
    1x Wicker Witch
    1x Plains #284
    1x Island #288

    Oath of the Gatewatch
    1x Ancient Crab
    1x Chitinous Cloak
    2x Cinder Barrens
    2x Eldrazi Aggressor
    1x Expedite
    1x Goblin Dark-Dwellers (Promo)
    2x Hedron Crawler
    1x Immobilizer Eldrazi
    1x Isolation Zone
    1x Makindi Aeronaut
    1x Prophet of Distortion
    1x Reckless Bushwhacker
    1x Relief Captain
    1x Slaughter Drone
    1x Stalking Drone
    1x Sylvan Advocate
    1x Tar Snare
    2x Timber Gorge
    1x Tranquil Expanse
    1x Unnatural Endurance
    2x Witness the End
    1x Zada's Commando

    Battle for Zendikar
    1x Beastcaller Savant
    1x Belligerent Whiptail
    1x Blighted Woodland
    1x Bring to Light
    2x Call the Scions
    1x Catacomb Sifter
    1x Cliffside Lookout
    1x Clutch of Currents
    2x Coastal Discovery
    1x Drana, Liberator of Malakir
    1x Dutiful Return
    1x Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen
    1x Earthen Arms
    2x Encircling Fissure
    1x Expedition Envoy
    2x Evolving Wilds
    1x Felidar Cub
    1x Fortified Rampart
    1x Hedron Archive
    1x Kalastria Healer
    1x Malakir Familiar
    1x March of the Tomb
    1x Mind Raker
    1x Processor Assault
    1x Rolimage's Trick
    1x Ruin Processor
    1x Serene Steward
    2x Sludge Crawler
    1x Shatterskull Recruit
    1x Swell of Growth
    2x Valakut Invoker
    1x Vestige of Emrakul
    2x Zada, Hedron Grinder

    Magic Origins
    1x Akroan Jailer
    1x Blood-Cursed Knight
    1x Dragon Fodder
    1x Dreadwaters
    1x Firefiend Elemental
    1x Flameshadow Conjuring
    1x Foundry of the Consuls
    2x Gather the Pack
    1x Gideon's Phalanx
    1x Graveblade Marauder
    1x Honored Hierarch
    1x Lightning Javelin
    1x Nightsnare
    2x Nivix Barrier
    1x Outland Colossus
    1x Pharika's Disciple
    1x Rabid Bloodsucker
    1x Reave Soul
    1x Scrapskin Drake
    1x Thopter Spy Network
    1x Undead Servant

    Dragons of Takir
    1x Aerie Bowmasters
    1x Conifer Strider
    1x Deadly Wanderings
    1x Dragonloft Idol
    1x Glaring Aegis
    1x Gudul Lurker
    1x Magmatic Chasm
    1x Marsh Hulk
    1x Misthoof Kirin
    1x Monastery Loremaster
    1x Obscuring Aether
    1x Ojutai Monument
    1x Revealing Wind
    1x Ruthless Deathfang
    1x Sandstorm Charger
    1x Shape the Sands
    1x Sidisi's Faithful
    1x Silumgar Sorcerer
    1x Mountain #259
    1x Plains #250
    1x Swamp #257

    Fate Reforged
    1x Ainok Guide
    1x Arashin Cleric
    1x Atarka, World Render
    1x Aven Surveyor
    1x Destructor Dragon
    1x Fruit of the First Tree
    2x Hewed Stone Retainers
    1x Hunt the Weak
    1x Mardu Runemark
    1x Ojutai, Soul of Winter
    2x Refocus
    1x Renowned Weaponsmith
    1x Scoured Barrens
    1x Scroll of the Masters
    1x Shamanic Revelation
    1x Shifting Loyalties
    1x Sibsig Host
    1x Sultai Emissary
    2x Typhoid Rats
    1x Swamp #180

    Khans of Tarki
    1x Ainok Bond-Kin
    1x Barrage of Boulders
    1x Bitter Revelation
    1x Bloodfire Expert
    1x Duneblast
    1x Howl of the Horde
    1x Kill Shot
    1x Kin-Tree Warden
    1x Krumar Bond-Kin
    1x Mardu Blazebringer
    1x Mardu Hordechief
    1x Mardu Warshrieker
    1x Naturalize
    1x Quiet Contemplation
    1x Raiders' Spoils
    1x Scout the Borders
    1x Shambling Attendants
    1x Swarm of Bloodflies
    1x Wingmate Roc
    1x Temur Banner
    2x Temur Charm
    2x Forest #266,#269

    1x Amphin Pathmage
    1x Divine Favor
    1x Goblin Roughrider
    1x Grindclock
    1x Hording Dragon
    1x Hornet Queen
    1x Krenko's Enforcer
    1x Lava Axe
    1x Mercurial Pretender
    1x Nightfire Giant
    1x Nissa's Expedition
    1x Phytotitan (Promo)
    1x Preeminent Captain
    1x Raise the Alarm
    1x Rotfeaster Maggot
    1x Rummaging Goblin
    1x Sanctified Charge
    1x Siege Dragon (Promo)
    1x Sign in Blood
    1x Staff of the Death Magus
    1x Statute of Denial
    1x Undergrowth Scavenger
    1x Wall of Essence
    1x Xathrid Slyblade
    1x Forest #269

    Journey Into Nyx
    1x Ajani's Presence
    1x Bladetusk Boar
    1x Chariot of Victory
    1x Doomwake Giant
    1x Font of Fertility
    1x Font of Ire
    1x Hubris
    1x Nightmarish End
    1x Nyx Infusion
    1x Rotted Hulk
    1x Satyr Grovedancer
    1x Spawn of Thraxes

    Born of the Gods
    1x Akroan Phalanx
    1x Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass
    1x Deepwater Hypnotist
    1x Divination
    1x Eye Gouge
    1x Fated Conflagration
    1x Fate Foretold
    2x Forgetoker Dragon (1x Promo)
    1x Gorgon's Head
    2x Hunter's Prowess
    1x Impetuous Sunchaser
    1x Mortal's Resolve
    2x Nessian Wilds Ravanger (1x Promo)
    1x Nyxborn Triton
    1x Oracle's Insight
    1x Oreskos Sun Guide
    1x Revoke Existence
    1x Satyr Wayfinder
    1x Silent Sentinel

    1x Anthousa, Setessan Hero
    1x Battlewise Hoplite
    1x Bident of Thassa (Promo)
    2x Boulderfall
    1x Chosen by Heliod
    1x Crackling Triton
    1x Erebos's Emissary
    1x Glare of Heresy
    1x Fanatic of Mogis
    1x Karamentra's Acolyte (Holiday Promo)
    1x Nemesis of Mortals
    1x Prescient Chimera
    1x Savage Surge
    1x Steam Augury
    1x Plains #230

    1x Altar's Reap
    1x Arrest
    1x Blood Bairn
    1x Cancel
    1x Chandra's Phoenix
    1x Dragon Egg
    1x Hive Strings
    1x Hunt the Weak
    1x Lava Axe
    1x Liturgy of Blood
    1x Molten Birth
    1x Thunder Strike
    1x Vial of Poison
    1x Warden of Evos Isle

    1x Boros Guildgate
    1x Boros Mastiff
    1x Bronzebeak Moa
    1x Dimir Cluestone
    1x Fluxcharger
    1x Pilfered Plans
    1x Showstopper
    1x Warleader's Helix (FNM Promo)

    1x Act of Treason
    1x Alpha Authority
    1x Dinrova Horror
    1x Grisly Spectacle
    1x Gruul Guildgate
    1x Ooze Flux
    1x Sapphire Drake
    3x Soul Ransom

    1x Drainpipe Vermin
    1x Dreg Mangler (Holiday Promo)
    1x Drudge Beetle
    1x Druid's Deliverance
    1x Explosive Impact
    1x Giant Growth
    1x Grim Roustabout
    1x Grove of the Guardian
    1x Heroes' Reunion
    1x Island #259
    1x Oak Street Innkeeper
    1x Psychic Spiral
    1x Psychic Strike
    1x Rakdos Guildgate
    1x Rakdos Ragemutt
    1x Rakdos Shred-Freak
    1x Risen Sanctuary
    5x Selesnya Keyrune
    1x Soul Tithe
    1x Swamp #260

    1x Captain's Call
    1x Denying Wind
    1x Duskmantle Prowler
    1x Flayer of the Hatebound
    2x Path to Exile (FNM Promo)
    1x Safe Passage
    1x Serum Vision (FNM Promo)

  • Clifftop retreat 15
    Gyre Sage 4
    2x mizzium mortars 3ea 6


    boros Reckoner 25

  • @TannyP:

    Clifftop retreat 15
    Gyre Sage 4
    2x mizzium mortars 3ea 6


    boros Reckoner 25

    I do want the Mortars but the other two are pretty low on my list of wants… was looking for Obz, Ghost Council + something mainly for that trade. It's really the only card in the list I am hesitant to trade even though I have 5. Thanks for the offer but I will wait and see if anyone has a spare Obz.

  • my:
    orzhov charm $0.75
    simic charm $0.50
    rhox faithmender $4

    dragonskull summit $4
    illusionist's bracers $1.50

    Edit: ill b at the shop tomorrow at 3:30 to do some other trades if u can make that/r even willing to do this trade…

  • my:
    orzhov charm $0.75
    simic charm $0.50
    rhox faithmender $4
    dragonskull summit $4
    illusionist's bracers $1.50

    Sounds good. I am pretty sure I won't be able to come to the shop at that time. I do live in Kelowna though. How does this typically work? I might be able to have someone meet you there… don't really feel like posting my phone number on a forum ;) Any chance of being at the shop before noon?

  • no unfortunately i can't show up earlier cuz then i'd have to wait around till my other trades @ 3:30 and i live outta town… also the shop opens at 12 so showing up before then would b pointless.

    generally if a meeting can't be arranged we would leave our half of the trade at the shop with whoever was behind the counter with who they're to and from (my name's paul). i'd appreciate it if u could drop my half off before i get there as i won't get them for at least a week otherwise. if u can't then it's no big deal.

    i'll drop your cards off when i get there and u can pick em up whenever's good for you (kelsey right?).

  • Cool, I didn't realize I could leave the cards there. I will try and get someone to drop off the cards ($5 in cards lol, the gas will be worth as much) so they are all there when you get there. If not, I will go in on Monday and drop off the cards.

  • So assuming you get the Obz from Mark would you be willing to do the trade?

  • I am unable to make it Sunday or find someone to do the drop off for me. I will come in to the store on Tuesday and drop off the cards.

  • alright no worries thanks for trying. i'll let u know when i've dropped your half off

  • Trade:

    (1) Gideon, Champion of Justice = $10

    For your:

    (1) Prime Speaker Zegana = $8
    (1) Planar Cleansing = $1
    (2) Rubblehulk = $1
    Total = $10

    For the Boros Reckoner, I do have 3 Mizzium Mortars that I see you're looking for, so I would do:
    (3) Mizzium Mortars = $9
    (1) Rootbound Crag = $5
    (2) Trostani, Selesnya's Voice = $7
    (1) Nightveil Specter = $1.50
    (1) Simic Charm (Foil) = $5
    Total = $27.50

    For Your:
    Boros Reckoner = $25

  • Trade:
    (1) Gideon, Champion of Justice = $10
    For your:
    (1) Prime Speaker Zegana = $8
    (1) Planar Cleansing = $1
    (2) Rubblehulk = $1
    Total = $10

    I am good with that trade.

    Holding onto the Reckoner for Obz only currently sorry.

  • Ok, any chance you can drop the cards off at the store? I'll be there Tuesday to drop yours off and pick mine up if that works?

  • Sounds good. Will drop by the store at noonish and drop them off since I have to do a drop off for another trade as well. Will you be there earlier or later?

    Do I have anything else of interest to get those Mizzium Mortors or the Rootbound Crag from you?

  • Nothing at the moment but I can keep checking. Currently, the Mortars are in my sideboard so I'm not too eager to trade them, but if you end up getting that 2nd Reckoner I'd be down to make a trade.

    But yeah, I'll drop off the Gideon for you Tuesday.

  • I have 5 reckoners total so the one I have for trade is an extra. Bought a playset and it was cheaper to buy 4 than it was to buy 3 so I got an extra reckoners and saved some money.

  • I left you cards at the shop

  • Thanks I will be there on Tuesday and leave yours.

  • Cards left for trade at store today for oblivion and empireking. Picked up the cards u left for me oblivion thanks.

  • Hey so expecting that you will be fine with a Gyre Sage(foil) would you do, :

    Chandra, the Firebrand x2 @5$ each = 10$
    Gyre Sage(foil) = 8$
    Orzhov Charm = 0.75c
    +2$ card

    Would you do that?

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Chandra, the Firebrand x2 @5$ each = 10$
    Gyre Sage(foil) = 8$
    Orzhov Charm = 0.75c
    +2$ card

    I forgot to remove the Orzhov Charm from my list as I now have 4. I do want the Gyre Sage but not the foil version as it is worth too much. I looked through your list and there are a few things of interest but nothing I can currently use which I need to prioritize first. Sorry.

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