Zameck Guildmage Uncertainty

  • Ahoy everyone! Just a quick question, if I were to use Zameck Guildmage's first ability (creatures enter the battlefield with additional +1/+1 counter) would the creature entering the battlefield trigger evolve on a weaker creature???

    Thanks for the help.

    Also, whilst discussing this, what are some good creatures (preferably blue/green) with undying? Zameck guildmage + undying = NOTHING DIES*

    *unless they exile/use removal stuff

    Thanks a bundle!

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  • to answer the second question: i dont think blue has any good undying creatures. but green has strangleroot geists, young wolf, a few others

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  • You have a 0/1 Evolve creature in play.

    You trigger Guildmage's +1/+1.

    1/1 Young wolf enters with +1/+1 counter (2/2)

    Evolve trigger resolves.

    0/1 Creatures get's a +1/+1 counter, and is thus 1/2.

    Also, Undying with Guildmages ability is really bad.

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  • if you find any of us can't answer any questions this website is amazing.

  • Thanks a lot for clarifying that guys!

    Myr Myr on the wall, who gives the most mana of them all?


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