Is this going to bomb?

  • Hey all, I was going over some deck formats that one of my buddies recommended to me given the cards that I owned. I was wondering if this deck would totally bomb out and end in my death, or if I would have a fighting chance. :)

    Scavenger Pro:
    60 Cards

    Black - 5

    Desecration Demon x1
    Vampire Nighthawk x2
    Victim of Night x1
    Vile Rebirth x1

    Green - 19

    Arbor Elf x2
    Caravan Vigil x1
    Clinging Mists x1
    Deadly Recluse x2
    Death's Presence x1
    Fungal Sprouting x1
    Giant Growth x1
    Gobbling Ooze x2
    Korozda Monitor x2
    Natural End x1
    Predatory Rampage x1
    Rancor x1
    Sentinel Spider x1
    Thragtusk x1
    Titanic Growth x1

    Multi-Colored - 10

    Corpsejack Menace x2
    Dreg Mangler x1
    Slitherhead x4
    Sluiceway Scorpion x3

    Colorless - 7

    Golgari Keyrune x3
    Ring of Kalonia x1
    Ring of Xathrid x1
    Swiftfoot Boots x1
    Trigon of Corruption x1

    Lands - 19

    Forest x9
    Golgari Guildgate x2
    Overgrown Tomb x1
    Swamp x6
    Woodland Cemetery x1

  • Ready for a lot of reading? First things first, a new set was released and the "meta" of the shop will change radically; because of this saying that a deck is good or bad is moot. Secondly the deck you've presented is bad, gotta be honest. The reasons to why it's bad are the land count, the consistency of the deck and what its main goal is, as well as the curve and card selection. Thirdly if you're just starting out in standard, my recommendation is to play with whatever deck you have and lose. Losing is very, very important, it teaches you a lot about the game and how to actually win. If you have a mindset of wanting to have fun than do what you want to do with the game weather it's to hang out with friends and play, or to try and win. The best thing you can do is go to drafts, they'll not only teach you base mechanics of the game, how to build a deck and to meet the people who are regulars at our shop but to also advance your card pool. I'm not going to give you any deck lists and tell you play this because it'll make you win, I'm going to tell you to come here, play your heart out and be prepared to lose so you can learn, that's the best way to get better at the game. After a good month or so of standard you can look at a deck and see what makes it good or bad and you'll start to follow trends. If you want to build your own deck that's cool, if you want to do something called "net decking" go here look at what went 4-0 in multiples and copy it. If your strapped for cash than don't worry about it, cards accumulate and usually keep there value so this game is a good investment as well. Just keep playing with what you own and try to reach that goal of the deck you want to make. Hope that was good enough info for you, also don't ever listen to a person named "Judes" he's wrong about everything.

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  • I'm by no means any good at deck building, but here are a couple things to keep in mind when trying to put together a deck:

    -Don't skimp on land. I think a lot of people first starting out tend to run way too few lands, because everyone wants to put cool and interesting cards into their deck, and lands are often seen as "boring". Using precious card slots on lands seems very un-fun, but running too few lands will make it very hard to cast all of the spells you like. A good place to start is roughly 24 lands. There are always exceptions, but 24 is good for consistency.

    -Play multiple copies of cards. If you like a card and want to see it during most games then try to include as many copies as you can fit in the deck. Cost can be prohibitive, but for the cheaper cards, try to run more of them. You will notice better consistency if you run 3+ copies of your cards. If you run a lot of cards as single copies, or even two copies, you might not see them often. If the card is included in your deck, you probably want to see it, so make your chances of finding it better. Again, there are always exceptions, but you will probably find you will do better at first if you stick to running more copies of fewer different cards.

    Also, I should point out….. you didn't mention what format you were aiming for, but 2 of those cards aren't legal in standard right now: Trigon of Corruption, and Swiftfoot Boots. If it was modern you were interested in then they are all legal.

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  • Thanks for the input guys. Frank and honest is a whole lot more useful than going, "Oh you might have a chance and not get wiped." and then me getting creamed. After posting this I started messing around with a Red/Blue deck but now that I know what to look for I think I'll go back and reformat the heck out of it.

    I'd thought that they were…But I'll go back and check to make sure. The game mode I was shooting for was Standard. I am completely prepared to get destroyed in the first round of Standard for the next couple months. I am looking to find 'That Deck' that fits with my play style and then dominate. But that won't be for another good long while. As it is, I am content with watching everyone else decimate each other, and share a couple laughs. Completely worth the $5 in my opinion.


  • I have a couple things he other two mentioned that i disagree with. I wouldn't recommend draft to a new player as its far more complicated then just bringing a deck you know and playing. Sure you learn the basics etc but a standard tournament does the same thing and at least you know what you're playing. An exception to this is if you spend enough time watching various draft videos or reading a lot on limited. and have content up every day for both constructed and limited.

    As far as land count goes there really is no "starting point". 24 lands being generalized is not a good way to go in standard. Your land base should be based off of your curve and how important it is to cast your spells. Control decks want to no less then 26, aggro decks completely depend on what is the highest cost on your curve and midrange decks are usually around 25. But it also all depends on how many cards like avacyn's pilgrim or farseek you're running. If you are going to run lands with abilities (gavony township, kessig wolf run etc) you will almost always want 25 lands.

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  • With a picture like that I'm not sure I can take everything you say at face value. ;)

    Maybe I am thinking of a draft as something different than you guys… A draft is where everyone has a couple boosters and/or a deck (like a store bought one) and then everyone builds their deck out of that? A booster draft is where everyone has 3-4 boosters and you take out a card and pass the booster to the left, once that booster is done you take out a card from your next booster and change direction of passing. And so on until you are through all of the boosters, then you make a 40 Card deck using the cards you 'drafted' and land cards that you bring, or are provided by the location. That seems like a good thing to do to me? I'll be on the same level as all of the other players, and the only edge they'll have is experience. ^^ Just my thoughts on the matter.

    I've run decks with 25-27 sometimes even 30 lands, and they always seem to bog down my deck! I'll draw stupid amounts of land. ie. 4 or 5 land in a row, before I reach a Creature. I'm going to try running a deck with 22-24 lands and see how that goes. Thanks for the input.


  • Any chance you'd trade your Thragtusk?

    I've helped a couple of buddies make some starter decks that they have done well with for cheap, so I could trade you $25 value (Thragtusk's Value) in cards for it that can get you well on your way.

  • Well I have a few cards that I am looking for specifically, if you have them and are willing to trade them then we could probably work out a deal. But as far as 'giving me a helping hand' and raising my quantity of cards, nah I'm good bro.

    What I'm looking for:

    Deathrite Shaman (As many as I can get my hands on) from the RTR set.
    Chromatic Lantern (Also as many as I can get my hands on)
    Rakdos Guildgate x1 or x2

    If you are willing to trade any of the above (or any other Green/Black or Black cards) in exchange for the same numerical amount as Thragtusk, then we could work out something I'm sure.


  • I agree with your land counts Aaron, I was being general to avoid specifics like archetypes and stuff since the OP mentioned he hadn't played in a tournament before and wasn't specifically asking about standard.

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  • Well I have an abundance of Rakdos Guildgates and BG cards, I'll have to check if I have any extra chromatic lanterns at the moment. I am sure we can figure out a trade for it though. I have a playset of Desecration Demons and other Golgari style cards from the RTR set.

  • For sure man, I am going to be down at the shop on the 8th from 3:30ish -> until the tournament is over. If you are going to be around then we could figure something out then?

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