Anyone have ideas on how to use glissa in a deck for standard yet?

  • Ive been trying to think of a deck that would really work well with glissa atm but so far i havent had to much luck making use of her second ability…
    Anyone have any good ideas for her use?

  • Next pro tour decklist, it's called. Quest for the Glissa Celebration

    4Furnace Celebration
    4Quest for the Gravelord
    4Vampire Hexmage
    4Horizon Spellbombs
    4Panic Spellbombs
    4Ember Hauler
    2Grave Titans
    2Culling Dias
    2Lightning Bolt
    1Arc Trail

    4Verdant Catacombs
    4Scalding Tarn
    2Raging Ravine
    2Lavaclaw reaches
    2RG duel
    2RB duel



  • Your best bet is just to use her as a good beater. The card has decent synergy with ratchet bomb and replicas, but building a deck around the ability, itself seems pretty awful.

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  • If you use her with Mindslaver I find you can eventually lock them in a repeatable control their next turn lock. Then again I guess your opponent would have to be using some creatures in there deck.

  • I saw a heartless summoning deck that used glissa, rage thrower, and a perilous myr. Pretty much have glissa and the rage thrower out with heartless drop the myr, it dies you kill one of their creatures with it it comes back to your hand, meanwhile the rage thrower is dealing damage to the player



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