Dinobravo's H/W

    x1 Pack Rat (foil) x2 firemane avenger
    x1 consuming Aberration (promo foil) x1 sacred foundry
    x2 Fathom Mage (x1 promo foil) x2 crypt ghast
    x1 grave betrayal x1 supreme verdict
    x1 chromatic Lantern x1 prime speaker zegana
    x1 wayfaring Temple x1 growing ranks
    x2 jarad's orders x1 five-alarm fire
    x1 pithing needle x2 treasury thrull (promo foil)
    x1 Diluvian primordial x2 giant adephage
    x2 soul ransom x1 gyre sage
    x1 ogre slumlord x1 thespian's stage
    x2 sepulchral primordial x1 unexpected results
    x2 rubblehulk (x1 promo foil) x1 stomping ground
    x1 skarrg goliath x1 illusionist's bracers
    x2 biovisionary x2 rubblebelt raiders
    x2 signal the clans x2 high priest of penance
    x1 ooze flux x1 nightveil specter
    x3 gruul ragebeast x1 legion loyalist
    x1 mana bloom x1 ash zealot
    x1 foundry champion x1 watery grave
    x2 molten primordial x1 domri rade
    x1 wrecking ogre x1 slaughter games
    x1 clan defiance x2 stolen identity
    x2 blind obedience
    other uncommons from gatecrash

  • Hey man I need a sacred foundry. Wanna take a look at my trade thread and see if you need anything? I also have an angel of serenity, I remember you saying you were looking for one previously. Lemme know!

  • Hey, i need your stomping grounds.

    check out my haves list and see if there's anything you need.

  • quite a few things i'd b interested in. clan defiance is foremost tho

    anything you want from my thread?


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