Chalice of the Void

  • Is good.

  • Congrats my friend! I'm guessing void on [1] or [2] got there for you in the finals!??

  • Thanks Garrett! You are correct, I was hinting at that. I won game 1 with mainboard cannonist off a chord. Game 2 I got cannonist again but he bolted it and combo'd turn 4. Game 3 though I did turn 1 land-hierarch. Turn 2 land and exarch on his upkeep. Turn 3 I played chalice at 2, which got a good pause out of him and some grins from the audience. Chalice turns off his echoing truth which was his only out in his deck. He for some reason didn't side in his shattering sprees. He tried to burn me out with a grapeshot for 2 copies and a lightning bolt, but I had plenty of dudes putting a clock on him. He got me down to 6, but finks got me back up to 8, which is pretty safe. Beats finished him easily.

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