Want to make money DMing?

  • Hey guys

    My group has been playing together for years, and only two of us DM, neither of which has the time to DM.

    We're all in our 20's, and we are looking for someone to pay to DM for us. Yes, PAY. There's about 4~5 of us, and we'll each put in 5$ a piece, for a game every two weeks. That's 40~50 a month to run a game.

    Here's the catch. We want a GOOD game. We're mostly interested in pathfinder, but might be open to something else.

    Good includes

    • Involved plot and NPC's. We're more interested in being part of a cool story than getting all "teh sweet l00tZ!!!1!".

    • Props. Coffee stained maps, dollar store jewelry, background music, whatever. Something immersing

    • We want impartiality. We're not paying to win, just to play. Some of us may die, some of us will get better gear, as long as you don't favour one of us we know how to deal with unfair deals.

    • A well built campaign setting. Published settings are fine, none of us in the group are familiar with any of them, so we won't have extra OOC knowledge. We have kinda a group campaign setting as well.

    So, here's the deal. My e-mail is Vincent_767@hotmail.com
    E-mail me why you would be the awesome DM for us. We'll discuss stuff, and then you'll run a (unpaid) one shot for us. Doesn't matter if it's Lvl 1 in the sunless citadel, or lvl 18 in Tomb of Horrors. Tell us the level and where we are, and we will make a party.

    If we like the one shot, you're hired! We'll make new characters, and start a campaign.

    Ideally, we would like this to be ongoing long term, though the games/campaigns/settings may change.

    We are in the Kelowna area, and can host.

    We are (not sure who will all be in, at least 4 for sure)

    • Early 20's, likes to play social/cool characters. Favours Bard
    • Late 20's, likes to play conniving/tricky characters. Favours Rogue
    • Mid 20's, likes to play cool/grandiose characters. Favours Sorceror
    • Early 20's, likes to play stoic/deep characters. Big Cthulhu fan
    • Early 20's, likes to play quiet/background characters. Favours… not sure.
    • Late teens, likes to play important/bold characters. Favours HUGE DAMAGE.

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