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  • Small Update

  • Ruric Thar for Damia Sage of Stone?

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • its in a trade right now, if something does happen ill let you know

  • Foil Plains(time spiral) - 1$
    Putrefy - 2$
    Helvault - 1.5$
    +? - 3$
    Jace Beleren - 7$

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Knowing mike I highly doubt he'll do that Bryce. He's probably either going to use the jace or trade it for something bigger/more useful… Tho it's not my place to say just giving u a heads up.

    I'm also very interested in that plains (being from time spiral and all). Double value for it? Haha

  • ya dude Paul is right, i appreciate the offer but as i noticed everything you listed is from my low/throw in list and i said jace is towards high priority only

  • doesnt even wait for my reply and tries to snag something offered to me :P

  • Haha problem? Troll face

  • I picked up the other two cards at the shop today, but I could do stitch in time for mirko vosk if you're interested in that?

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • Offer:

    Ruric Thar, the Unbowed - $6 (Or I have a foil at $8 if you are interested)
    or Notion Thief - $6
    2x Misc Foil Forest/Plains/Mountain - $1/ea = $2


    1x Advent of the Wurm - $8

  • is there anything you else you want for killing wave maybe? take a look and let me know then we can go for the mirko vosk trade

  • Oversold Cemetery 5
    Merieke Ri Berit 2
    Glory 2.5
    Stitch in Time 2

    Killing Wave 7
    Mirko Vosk 1.5
    Foil Basic Lands 3

    How does this sound?

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • sounds good, if possible for the three lands can i get 2 forests one plains?

  • hey mike what do you think of this?

    asceticism $5

    kuldotha flamefiend (foil) $0.50
    boggart ram-gang (pds foil) $1
    mage slayer $1
    undermine $2.50

    i know you weren't too keen on getting rid of anything too awesome for it so a bunch of random shit is the obvious way to go haha.

  • Another big update

  • sure thing. would you like me to leave my half at the shop?

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • sounds good man ill drop them off asap

  • So I've misplaced my Mirko Vosk. If I don't find him soon I'll just toss in a few extra foil lands if that's okay.

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


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