Mike's Trades

  • ==WANTS==
    High Priority
    Temple Garden
    stomping ground
    Iona, Shield of Emeria
    Yosei, the Morning Star
    Gaze of Granite x 2
    greater good

    Breaking // Entering
    Notion Thief x 3
    Tree of Tales (Green artifact land)
    Vault of Whispers (black artifact land)
    darksteel citadel
    Low Priority/Throw in
    putrefy x 2 (dragon maze only)
    Pilfered Plans (foil)

    ==FOILS== (willing and preferred to trade orignal for foil)
    Parallel Lives
    Dragonmaster Outcast
    Predatory Advantage
    Praetors Counsel
    Eternal Witness
    Sarkhan Vol
    Kazandu Refuge
    Beast Within
    Sylvan Ranger
    Mana Reflection
    Sakura-Tribe Elder
    Skarrg,the Rage Pits
    Dragon Broodmother
    Pattern of Rebirth
    Yavimaya Elder
    Loxodon Warhammer
    Rampaging Baloths
    Chaos Warp
    woodfall Primus
    Kazuul, Tyrant of the cliffs
    Avenger Of Zendikar
    Primal Growth
    Artifact Mutation
    wood elves
    terrain Generator
    hull breach
    Goblin assault
    –Misc. Foil Basics--
    as throw ins

    ==HAVES== !!! ** Denotes Recently added !!! ++Last Update: 12/5/13 1700
    Academy Ruins **
    Glacial Fortress **
    mystic gate **
    Fetid Heath**
    Slayer's Stronghold **
    Mosswart Bridge
    Grove of the Guardian
    Hellion Crucible
    Shiva Gorge (vault)
    Glacial Chasm (vault)
    Forbidden Orchard (vault)
    Windbrisk Heights (vault)
    Exotic Orchard
    Safe Haven
    Lake of the Dead
    dark Depths
    mystifying maze

    Ral Zarek (for High Priority) **
    Putrefy (Full art textless) **
    Firemane Avenger **
    Jarad's orders
    treasury thrull
    mystic genesis
    Whispering Madness
    Merciless Eviction
    Hypersonic Dragon
    Fathom Mage
    Vizkopa Guildmage
    collective blessing
    cryptborn Horror
    havoc festival
    Slaughter Games
    Firemind's Foresight
    Wayfering Temple

    Slumbering Dragon
    Burn at the stake x 2
    Dual Casting
    Guild Feud
    Curse of the stalked prey
    Fling (foil) x 2 **
    Palisade Giant
    Touch of the Eternal

    Ghoul Tree **
    Skarrg Goliath
    Death's Presence
    Mana Bloom

    spelltwine x 2
    stolen identity
    Search the city
    Spirit Away
    Lunar Mystic
    Captain of the Mists
    Arcane Melee
    Lone Revnant

    Blood Scrivener x 2 **
    Desecration Demon
    Grave Betrayal
    undercity plague
    Dark Imposter (trade pend)
    Demonlord of Ashmouth
    Havestor of souls

    Creepy Doll (Foil)
    Chalice of Life//Chalice of death (foil)
    Moonsilver Spear (promo)
    runechanter's pike

    Jace Beleren (towards high priority)
    Sarkhan the mad
    Krond the Dawn-Clad
    Etched Monstrosity
    The Mimeoplasm
    Sharuum the Hegemon (Vault foil)
    Platinum Emperion x 2

    Cauldron Of Souls**
    Kuldotha Forgemaster **
    Proteus Staff
    mesmeric Orb
    jester's cap (Ice age)
    Lotus Guardian
    Thopter Squadron
    Psychosis crawler
    Arcbound reclaimer
    hex parasite
    nim deathmantle
    coat of arms
    prototype portal
    Obelisk of alara (promo)
    citanul flute
    grinning totem
    sphinx-bone wand
    mycosythn lattice
    livewire lash
    Mage slayer
    memnite x 2

    --Multi Color--
    firemane angel **
    undermine (duel deck)
    Creakwood Leige
    Lich Lord of Unx
    ghastlord of fugue
    Edric, Spymaster
    Guided Passage
    Enigma sphinx
    ulasht, the hate seed
    teneb, the harvester
    magister sphinx
    giant solifuge
    etherium-horn sorcerer
    Lyzolda, the blood witch
    Loxodon Hierarch
    Doomgape x 2
    Gleancrawler x 2 (1 promo )
    Brion Stoutarm (promo)
    Yore-tiller nephilim
    dralnu, lich lord
    dire undercurrents
    anthem of rakdos
    killer instinct
    searing meditation
    Keldon Twilight
    titanic ultimatum x 2 (one foil)
    clarion ultimatum
    last stand
    rith the awakener

    Conspiracy **
    Nether Traitor
    Lilliana Vess
    abyssal nocturnus
    chancellor of the dross
    gravespawn sovereign
    dark hatchling
    sutured ghoul
    phyrexian delver
    Fallen angel
    Dread cacodemon
    patron of nezumi
    myojin of night's reach
    pestilence demon
    baneful omen
    underworld dreams (foil)
    night dealings
    phyrexian etchings
    phyrexian infiltrator
    glistening oil
    praetor's grasp
    midnight ritual
    mind shatter
    shared trauma
    pulse of the dross

    Furnace Dragon
    two-headed dragon
    dragon mage
    ancient hellkite (foil)
    ryusei, the fallen star
    hoarding dragon
    predator dragon
    mordant dragon
    hellkite igniter
    imperial hellkite
    cyclops gladiator
    furystroke giant
    jaya ballard, task mage (fire/lightning)
    hammer of bogardan (F/L)
    hellion eruption
    destructive force
    valley of boulders
    decree of annihilation
    word of seizing
    mass mutiny
    emblem of the warmind
    bludgeon brawl
    an-zerrin ruins
    goblin assault

    Palinchron **
    Blatant thievery **
    Dreamborn muse
    spellweaver volute
    decree of silence
    psychic surgery
    sunken hope
    sprite noble
    stormtide leviathan
    llawan, cephalid empress
    giant oyster
    tomorrow, azami's familiar
    telemin performance

    Angelic arbiter (foil) **
    spelltithe enforcer
    pearl dragon
    samite elder
    voice of all
    michiko konda, truth seeker
    ghostly prison
    spirit of resistance
    favor of the mighty
    eye of singularity
    fight or flight

    BeastMaster Ascension **
    Garruk's Horde**
    Prismatic Omen **
    Patter of rebirth **
    Defense of the heart **
    lhurgoyf x 3 (one foil)
    mitotic slime
    golgari grave-troll
    chameleon colossus
    jedit ojanen of Efrava
    tajuru preserver x 2
    ageless entity
    orochi eggwatcher
    predatory urge
    hibernation's end
    fresh meat
    nostalgic dreams

    Grafted Exoskeleton **
    Boros Keyrune
    trostani's judgment
    vassal Soul
    Falkenrath Exterminator
    Demonic Taskmaster
    Spectral Prison
    Keldon Champion
    Sudden Impact
    Curse of chains
    fungal sprouting
    vulshok sorcerer
    boggart ram-gang
    Dawnray Archer
    Sigil of the Nayan gods
    Kuldotha Flamefiend
    Cloudheath Drake
    Quenchable Fire
    Bant Sureblade
    Marisi's twinclaws
    Nacatl Hunt-pride
    viscera Dragger
    Primal rage
    Naturalize (9th)

  • if i included helvault in my offer, would you be good with that? i really need that jace, will provide alot of the draw power i need.

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • i dont really need hellvault it was just something to fill in the price gap so again i rathedr just do

    Avacyn, Angel of Hope - 15$
    Boros Reckoner - 12$



    Loxodon Warhammer - 1.5$
    Feed the Pack(foil) - 2$
    Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord x2(one foil) = 4.5$
    Maelstrom Wanderer - 8$
    Damia, Age of Stone - 4$
    Glissa the Traitor = 2$
    Celestial Ancient = 1$
    Growing Ranks = 1.5$
    Erratic Portal - 2$
    $26.50 maybe find another cheapy card to get sweeten the deal but again i would rather hang on to jace at this point

  • ugh, k. would u let me grab the two dark imposters?

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • i only have one but ya u can have it

  • kk sweet. im fine with it then.

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • kay let me know when you know youll be dropping cards off, i should beable to get them to shop pretty soon

  • k cool. and i will. i think the next time i go in is this weekend, and maybe this wednesday

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • kk ill get it in by wednesday

  • sweet.

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • also if anyone know how to clean up old posts please let me know

  • administrators

    I can clean up stuff for you. Just tell me what number post to start and end with.

  • Whenever you get a chance, beginning up to #23 can be removed

  • Small Update

  • Ruric Thar for Damia Sage of Stone?

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • its in a trade right now, if something does happen ill let you know

  • Foil Plains(time spiral) - 1$
    Putrefy - 2$
    Helvault - 1.5$
    +? - 3$
    Jace Beleren - 7$

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Knowing mike I highly doubt he'll do that Bryce. He's probably either going to use the jace or trade it for something bigger/more useful… Tho it's not my place to say just giving u a heads up.

    I'm also very interested in that plains (being from time spiral and all). Double value for it? Haha

  • ya dude Paul is right, i appreciate the offer but as i noticed everything you listed is from my low/throw in list and i said jace is towards high priority only

  • doesnt even wait for my reply and tries to snag something offered to me :P

  • Haha problem? Troll face

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