Nathan Wants a Modern Deck

  • Trying to build Pod and Twin deck varients for modern as well as just trade standard cards for modern cards

    4x Chord of Calling
    2x Fauna Shaman
    3x KikiJiki
    3x Noble Heirarch
    4x Slight of Hand
    3x Serum Visions
    1x Verdant Catacombs
    1x Orzoh Pontiff
    2x Remand
    2x Fire-Lit Thicket
    1x Stomping Ground
    2x Melira
    2x Lightning Helix
    1x Sacred Foundry

    I have a buncha decennt value stuff for trade right now, just hit me up at the store



  • I dont want to trade mine, but you can borrow my SoHs anytime (usually my SVs too, but im using them today)

  • I have 2x Sleight of Hand (7th) you can hold on to since I don't need anything that's valued for $3.

  • Do you have a cavern of souls? it's the only thing i'd really be willing to put up my stomping grounds for as i'd have to rip it out of a deck lol. if not i'm also after a vexing devil and would trade 2x lightning helix and 1x serum visions for one… Have a list i can look at? I'm not really interested in much standard stuff atm so older stuff would be better...

  • Don't have a cavern or a vexing devil sorry



  • What do u have? I may b able to find something for the lightning Helixs and the serum visions… If u don't feel like dropping a list I'll b at quantum on Sunday around 12:30 and could look at your binder then if that's good for u?

  • I've got 3 Serum Visions I can part with and 4 that I can not for a total of Seven.

    Check out my want list and let me know

  • did you say you have a foil lazav?

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  • I have an Orzhov Pontiff you can probably just have it, I think they're like 75c each.

    I do still need to trade you for that Celestial Colonnade (don't trade it to someone else please)

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    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


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