Bazzana's Public Price Guide Files

  • EDIT: Formatting of the price sheets is much better now. I create sheets containing only price data so they are a small size. They are now xlsx format for easier use.
    Updated for Gatecrash and updated Jan 29. New copies go into the folder every day or so. Here's the link to the skydrive
    Image of recent copy
    Hello QG Forum Dwellers,

    I have created a excel spreadsheet that can download prices from all sets on tcgplayer and do all kinds of things with. The thing I wanted to do that most sights don't do easily is sort by price, so I did that in the image below:
    the file is set up for standard, modern and legacy.

    Please check it out and comment. New downloads will be available almost every day so what's on there is up to date. This is useful for something like fnm where there isn't WiFi. You can DL it before you leave and you have them all on your phone ready to go.

    I hope to develop this further to include total deck price calculations, inventory price calculations, and my favourite, cost to complete deck (with your given inventory and desired decklist, price out what you do not have).

    I may share the shreadsheet with anyone interested via email.

    If anyone has experience making software and would like to develop something with me, also email.

  • Hello All,

    I made the spreadsheet more flexible and robust. I have links to card prices for standard, modern, and legacy and can update them with a click of a button. I have created a way to export the top X expensive cards in any format into a .xls, .txt, or whatever other format is useful.

    There is a file on there containing full card info of all regular set cards and there are pricing files which are kept up to date. Anybody looking for an efficient way to look at top card prices for their favourite formats should use this link on their computer and mobile device.

    Here's the same stuff, but on skydrive. One can view it live on there without downloading

  • Shameless self-bump. New formatting looks like this:

    Works on any mobile device that can open xlsx. there are free apps that do this.

    Skydrive folder containing price sheets is here:

    Check it out and comment! I'm looking for feedback.

  • Looks pretty slick man! Grats on the win btw.

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