Thad's trade thread

  • I'm looking for:

    knight of glory x3

    Sunpetal Groves X1

    I have:

    cavern of souls x1
    sphinx's revelation X2
    Adjani, Caller of the pride X1
    Vraska, the unseen X2
    overgrowntomb x1
    Lotleth troll X2
    Detention Sphere X2
    Talrand, sky summner X2 foil
    drowned catacomb X2
    corpesjack menace x3
    cyclonic rift x1
    alchemist refuge x1

    -lots of other rtr/m13 rares-

    random foils:

    selesnya charm
    judge's familar
    rootborn defences
    grisly salvage
    palisade giant
    centaur healer X2
    rakdos guildgate


    field marshall x2 (1 foil)
    ageis angel x1 foil


  • Hey you showed interest in my 2 mayors of avabruck if you could find some more stuff I'd be interested in trading for your blood crypt or overgrown tomb or cavern of souls if you can find some more stuff

  • I know it's not on your want list, but how about a thragtusk for your cavern of souls? they're equal value and its a GW staple.

  • I have a mayor for you (2.50) and I'd like that mizzium mortars (also conveniently 2.50)

  • Hey tannyp I believe I got both mayors now but thank you anyways

    Hey sfrench I would do that trade but i currently have a trade pending for the cavern, sorry man if it doesn't go threw ill let you know

  • Silver blade paladin for blood crypt?

  • Actually how about silverblade paladin for both the drowned catacombs and some think twices? if you have them

  • hey funky i actually dont have any think twice, but i would be down to trade a blood crypt for a paladin or i could buy some think twices at the store if al has them, up to you. cheers.

  • Blood Crypt it is.
    Al doesn't have any Think Twice's. I spent an hour looking through the relevant boxes:(

    I'll be there Wednesday if that's okay (I'm Mark btw)

  • allright ill be there

  • hey i'm really interested in your cavern of souls but don't have any of your current wants… maybe take a look at my haves and get back to me? If you don't see anything for the cavern i kinda was also looking at your cyclonic rift...

  • I want your cavern of souls

    I have Sunpetals and Knight of Glorys + whatever else you need

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • Hey Thad.

    I'm interested in your cavern of souls. I have a sunpetal grove, check out my thread to see if there's anything you want

  • you still have a cavern for trade?

  • im interested in both those sphinx's revelations, i have some night of glory's and a sunpetal grove. will check how many knight of glory's i have when i get home. but is there anything else you would be interested in off me? cause im a bit off of even getting one…. if there is anything else your interested in, let me know, i got a lot of stuff not listed that i will most def trade for those revelations...

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Just want to point out that he hasn't replied to anyone since January…

  • LOL. fml…

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Haha I traded for those Revelations like ages ago, Paul has them now…

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