Aaron Bazzanais in Van and can bring cards to Kelowna

  • Hey everyone, I will be in Kelowna on Wednesday and will attend magic events throughout the week. I can purchase any card for standard and bring it in. Also, I am looking to trade

    -Jace ooT
    -3 Thragtusk
    -Entreat the angels
    -Huntmaster of the Fells
    -Cavern of Souls
    -3+ Inistrad Duals (except clifftop retreat)
    More cards that I cannot remember

    I am looking for Ravnica shocklands and Deathrite Shamans mostly but am willing to trade for other standard cards I'm interested in and certain modern cards too. I am especially interested in modern cards from Zendikar Block to Scars Block.

    Other cards Bazzana wants:
    4 Honor of the Pure
    4 Vengevine
    4 Chalice of the void
    2 Rugged Praire
    1 Linvala
    1 Glen Elendra Archmage
    4 Fulminator Mage
    Jace the Mind Sculptor

    Again, if people at Quantum need me to bring some cards out of stock in Kelowna I can do that. Reply with what you need!



  • I need. that huntmaster, ill be there Wednesday. I've got a couple shocks and other high value easy trade cards.

  • its not standard, but i need some Chord of Calling's and i could possibly part with some of my deathrites.

    edit: unfortunately after posting this i see i wouldnt be able to make it out at all in the coming week

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  • Holler, buddy!
    I am looking for Elspeth Knight-Errants and have shit, like an FoW to trade for them. I am particularly partial to non-disgusting looking foil ones, as you may remember.
    My number is the same though, so if you wanna shoot me a txt or whatever before pulling the trigger on anything- do so. Cheers

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  • I could use some cards you have and I have deathrites/shocks, also I'd like some vanilla coke if possible.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • I'm down to trade cards for any number of Caverns you might have, I don't have a ton of shocklands, but I do have some trade bait that you'd hopefully be interested in.

  • @sfrench, I'll trade you my huntmaster, do you need extras?

    @briars, i don't have extra chords, but I can arrange to buy them for you.

    @Bonin, I could pick you up 2 elspeths, shards version of course. The other ones are ugly as sin. I gladly payed an extra 6 dollars for my shards ones.

    @gordo, I will trade you stuff, but I won't bring you Vanilla Coke because it is not worth my effort, sorry buddy. If I had a car I would have gladly.

    @emprieking, I will trade you my 1 cavern of souls, do you need extras? What are your highest value cards in your traders to exchange? they can be standard,modern, or legacy legal

    Ok so here is the current list of cards I will buy solely for trading:
    for briars: 4 Chord of the Callings @ $10 each. Please confirm.
    for Bonin: 2 Elspeths @ $30 each. I may want your FoW, do you have chalice of the voids? I want 4

    Would anybody else like any standard or modern cards while we're at it?

  • i need 2 huntmasters total.

  • I need a sphinx's revelation if you wouldnt mind. I'll be there wednesday.

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  • hey man, I happen to have 3 vengevines and 2 chalice of the voids I believe. lso lookin for sphinx rev and huntmasters

  • @K0PS1CK I can pick up rev @ 22. Do you have any particular cards i might be interested in?
    @kronzilla - Now we're talking!! $183+$92=54+18=$72 in value. I can trade you 2 revalations and a huntmaster for those cards. I can trade another huntmaster to you if you have any other handy cards

    Looks like I'm also buying 3x sphrinx's revalations and at least 1 huntmaster.

  • I have Angel of Serenity, Thudermaw Hellkite (Foil), Steam Vents and a few other cards that you'd hopefully be interested in. Looking to trade for Cavern of Souls and any Woodland Cemeteries you might have. I'll be there wednesday, so we could trade then, I assume you'll be the guy that everyone is crowding around.

  • turns out I can only find one chalice. maybe ditch huntmaster and make it 3 revs and ill toss some stuff in from binders if you can find?

  • Aaron, FoW is gone and got two Elspeths yesterday, so only need one now. No Chaliceses unfortunately. If you own the Elspeths, you could seing by my place at some point and see what can be found fo one or maybe two.

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  • I have shocklands and I think I have 3 honors..We can also see what al has under the glass if you would like to go that way…I'll bring my binder either way... see you wednesday.

    Edit: I have 3 honor's 6
    1 linvala 15

    which shocks are you after? If possible I may want another revelation

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  • I'm interested in any RTR shocks.

    @Bonin: we'll trade some other time
    @kron: I'll pick up 3 revs at 22 for you to trade
    @kopsick: That's $33 of cards listed I'd like. Would you like revs or something else? How many?

  • The honor's are 2 bucks apeice so 6 total.

    how about this:
    1x linvala 15
    3x honor 6
    1x steam vents 10
    1x blood crypt 12

    2x sphinx's revelation 44

    I can throw some random card in that you might need aswell if this works.

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  • @Kopsick: sounds good I'l buy them today. We'll figure out the detials at the shop

  • I'd like to work something out for an Elspeth if possible because that is pretty much one of the only cards that I need. Is there any fnm promo/old shiny stuff that you may want for re-trading etc?

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  • Ok so i have 3 revs and 3 huntmasters now. see you all later

  • I don't know if you worked anything out for one yet but i have a linvala. It happens to be foil and worth $50 so not sure if you're interested at all.

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