D&D 4th Edition Group

  • A Rutland based group located near Centennial Park is always on the look out for new players.
    We are a mostly adult group of mixed gender and maturity.
    We play in a garage that is ill equipped for the winter elements.
    We play with 3D terrain, vinyl maps, miniatures (always looking for new ones), and papercraft.

    During the last two weeks we have played several group quests, several solos (players want to amp levels), and along the way we've taught several newcomers how to play.

    We build and maintain characters on computer, so there's not a lot of thinking involved.
    Just make and quest.

    Any questions?

  • I have one…are you guys searching for players?

  • Absolutely.
    We're gaming in about two and a half hours and usually do so on Friday and/or Saturdays from approximately 7pm until whenever.
    We play mid week if there are enough folks.

    I've tried to email you thusly, but your email address returned mailbox unavailable.

  • I am very interested in playing as well.

  • Running Shadowrun 4th edition on Sundays.
    If you're into playing, you can contact me through my website http://dungeonmaster.ca

  • Still looking for players? Specifically those mid week sessions? I have a character builder account.

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