Infection Deck that Isn't Doing It's Job

  • Hey guys, I've got an infection deck "running" and I think it needs some work. I'm open to any suggestions. Here's what I have in my deck:

    2 creeping tar pit
    2 bojuka bog
    2 halimar depths
    5 islands
    4 swamps
    2 rakdos guildgates
    2 izzet guildgates
    2 evolving wilds

    4 ichorclaw myr
    2 Flensermite
    2 plague stinger
    2 corpse cur
    1 hand of the praetors
    2 contagious nim
    2 chained throatseeker
    2 blighted agent

    Other Stuff:
    2 Skeletal Grimace
    3 Index
    2 mana leak
    2 undying evil
    3 silent departure
    2 dismember
    2 turn aside
    1 livewire lash
    1 grafted exoskeleton
    2 spectral flight
    2 teleportal

    Any help fixing this deck would be appreciated, but as of right now it rarely wins. Thanks a bundle!

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  • too many non-key creatures. anything but your Ichor claw, Glissener elf, plague stinger, and blighted agents are non-essential.

    most, if not all your non creature spells should be pump spells. might of old krosa, groundswell, vines of vastwood, giant growth, mutenagenic growth, etc.

    lands are all over the place. you're trying to hit too many things at once.

    assuming you're playing this in a modern shell you want something more like:

    Main Deck
    60 cards

    2 Breeding Pool
    2 Forest
    4 Inkmoth Nexus
    1 Island
    4 Misty Rainforest
    2 Pendelhaven
    4 Verdant Catacombs
    19 lands

    4 Blighted Agent
    4 Glistener Elf
    2 Ichorclaw Myr
    4 Noble Hierarch
    14 creatures

    2 Apostle's Blessing
    3 Gitaxian Probe
    4 Groundswell
    4 Might of Old Krosa
    3 Rancor
    3 Serum Visions
    4 Sleight of Hand
    4 Vines of Vastwood
    27 other spells

    baring in mind of course cost issues on lands and a few of the other cards, this is more where you want to go. keep your cost in your range, but move towards this.

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  • Kevin, is this a deck you are running at the Modern tournaments on Sundays? Or is this a deck for kitchen table magic? Players could make a lot of suggestions, but if you can let us know what your plans are for the deck we can keep suggestions relevant to your needs. I will say though, especially now that Inkmoth Nexus isn't overly expensive, I seriously think any infect list needs 4 of them, with almost no exceptions. It's just too good not to run, whether you are playing competitive or kitchen table.


    I just finished my section on infect for Modern in a tournament setting in the Modern Resource Thread.

    Maybe you can get some ideas from there.

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  • This is chiefly kitchen table, as I don't think I have the skill set to play Modern yet, thanks for the help guys, I'll work towards getting these recommendations into the deck. Thanks a bundle!

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  • Just a thought, but with Gatecrash coming out soon, I can't help but notice Simic. Could this mean a blue/green guildgate or other type of shockland (right term?) so I don't have to drop twenty dollars a breeding pool?

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  • Yes there will be a Simic Guildgate and Breeding Pool will be reprinted.

  • Great!

    Myr Myr on the wall, who gives the most mana of them all?


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