EDH (Commander) group seeks extra players!

  • We're a group of 3-5 who specifically plays EDH. We used to play down in Penticton, but recently moved to Kelowna and looking for more players to join us.

    Most of us have been playing EDH since commander was even released by Wizards. We all have our competitive top-tier decks, but also have many casual decks, so we will adjust to a players deck strength.

    If you're interested in playing some multiplayer games (4-6 people) let us know and we might be able to set something up. Three of us live in Kelowna, and the other two are out of Penticton but regularly come up on the weekends. We're also interested in EDH card trades. Only one of us plays standard, so if you're a standard player you might find a lot of cards we find useless just sitting in our binders.

    We're all between 20-26, and just like playing over a few beers to kill time. If you're interested let us know!

  • I would be interested. I moved here from Vancouver a few months ago, where my group of friends had been playing basically only EDH for a while. Usually while having a few beers. I have a few EDH decks of varying quality.

    Maybe drop me an email "kzirul at gmail dot com"


  • I have a house with 6 EDH decks inside (3 are mine 3 are my wifes)
    The only issue is I work weekend nights so my free days are Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.

    I would be down for playing EDH whenever time permits for Me/You

  • I'd be interested! Winfield, just outside Kelowna, has a solid group of players that play almost exclusively edh. It's always fun to play with new players, so I'd be interested in meeting up and I'd likely be able to bring a few players with me!

    Perhaps private message me, and I'll give you either my email or my facebook, whichever you'd rather communicate with. If you're having a get-together that you feel could use some more players, give me a shout!


    For the record, my current decks are:

    Molimo, Marro Sorceror
    Glissa, The Traitor
    Omnath, Locus of Mana
    Karador, Ghost Chieftan (the main deck I'm playing with and refining at the moment)



  • This post hasn't been active in 2 years guys… Lol, that being said I'm good friends with this playgroup and i'll direct their attention to it again. I've recently moved away and they might want to fill my spot! ;)

  • Haha well this is awkward. You should do that though if that's allright, I'd still love to have more edh in my life :P



  • Where did you move to?

  • I'm doing an 8-month co-op in Fort McMurray

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