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    How was the prerelease tournament for Mirrodin Besieged? I would like to know what you thought of the event or anything you would like to change about the event. Post here to enter a draw to win a fatpack of Mirrodin Besieged. The draw will be held next Friday at the store. After the draw I will post the win here.

  • i didnt do very well (76th), but it was fun. one thing id change is the spacing between tables, but thats a little tough given the location.

    im happy to have opened a Mox Opal and a Blightsteel colossus.
    cant wait for the next Prerelease.


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  • i thought the prerelease was awesome had a great time i dont think u could change anything being my first magic tourny in years it was a good time

  • The time clock and print outs were both appreciated. Good event.

    Leaving the tournament I went through the drive-through and the guy at the window saw my cards in the passenger seat. He asked if I played, and said he couldn't find anyone to play with. He seemed in disbelief when I said I just came from an event with eighty people. I told him to visit this website.

  • The time clock and print outs were both appreciated.

    Agreed, not only saved your voice but made people responsible for finding their own seats.

    The whole thing was excellent, every time I go to an event like this it only gets better.
    Thanks Al!!

  • I did quite enjoy this pre-release. The printouts worked fantastically, and I'm even more excited for the next one.

    I only got one Mythic, Platinum Emperion, but I did get probably THE bombiest rare in MDS: Hellkite Igniter. I found that playing the Mirran Mirror was more fun than playing the Mirran vs Phyrexia game.

  • Yeah, I'd have to agree. Improvements all around. It was a good time.

    I did marginally OK, but had some of the best matches I've had playing magic in a while. So thanks to those I played today. I pulled some nice cards; Tezzy, and a foil Elspeth, and my prize packs had a Thrun waiting for me inside. \o/

    I really liked the format of the packs, though possibly the off-colours in the factions could have been better represented to allow for more variation. I'm sure WoTC will get similar feedback and make adjustments for the next time they do something like this again. Always nice to do something new.

    Big ups for the clock!

    ~Next time disco balls and Karaoke breaks.

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed this pre-release - the addition of a clock we could reference while playing, as well as having print-outs of our current rankings and match-ups made it organized and accessible. The box draws were a nice touch as well, and the half hour break was much appreciated.

    One detail myself and a few others were hazy on was how land was to be distributed, but I think having it sold at $1 for 15 was a good idea; that way you aren't losing lands when relying on people to borrow them. I don't know if this was mentioned on the details for the event on the website, but other than this small factor everything was fantastic. I had a poor draft pool with only one or two relevant rares, but this set still worked out well enough to land me in the top 32 (despite only drafting one R or W removal spell for playing Mirran).

    +1 for the idea of disco balls and Karaoke breaks! Maybe having a microphone or megaphone will save you from having to shout so much Al!

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  • The event was really fun only wish i could have placed a bit better but had some good fun matches and overall seemed like a really great turnout.

  • I always love playing with new cards, despite my packs not having any big bombs I could use lol. Sucks having Mirran packs where my Scars packs are more geared towards infect. Ah well, it's still a pretty neat concept having to choose a faction and having packs dedicated to their playstyle. Battle Cry and Living Weapons were pretty effective all day for everyone I played with.

    I had no complaints on how things were ran, and I don't see anything major to improve upon. Keep up the good work Al :)

  • It's been great ever since you started doing them at the Hall. This time was no real exception.
    Someone way before me mentioned table space and yeah that might be a good idea. I had a lot of fun, although I lost horribly.
    I can't wait for another one.

  • Al, what format is the launch party going to be on Friday?

  • Draft side event(s)!!! :D



  • im pretty sure its the same as Pre

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  • The event was far better than any other event I have attended at the hall, and went more smoothly than previous events. The time clock was a definite improvement, even if it became a meeting place for people to stand in front of and chat about their rounds lol.

    As for the set itself, I found it extremely balanced between phyrexian and mirran (the 6 players at 4-0 consisted of 3 mirran and 3 phyrexian). I really enjoyed the synergy found within the new phyrexian commons/uncommons, and enjoyed piloting a rare-less deck to 8th place. The 2 for 1 raise dead along with morterpods and cards like perilous myr and skinrender were able to contend with a lot of the bomby cards (even managed to clear a board of Sphinx, Glissa, and 3 other creatures with no wrath effect and few creatures). Really excited to be able to play with both factions at the launch party, which should make for a completely different experience.

  • Favorite part of the tournament was when Al handed me my packs containing Thrun, Venser, Sword of Body and Mind, Sword of Feast and Famine, and a nice little Mirran Crusader.

    But seriously, great tournament Al, I had a lot of fun. Pat yourself on the back for doing a great job!

  • I had a fantastic time. Much better than previous tournaments in terms of sticking to schedule and organization. The printouts and time clock were great, and altogether any concerns I've had before have been almost completely resolved.

    I would suggest some areas for modest improvement:

    1. A Basic Rules announcement at the beginning could be expanded to answer common questions (keep a list to make sure you don't miss anything) such as: 40 card deck, sideboard rules, number of rounds, best of 3, people must play only with the cards they receive at the tournament, cannot play with the promo card, players are forbidden to trade their tournament cards until the tournament is over, play cannot start until you say 'start', what to do about rules questions, who is responsible to report the match result etc…
    2. Please try to announce the start of the round. Most players start playing right away - which is a bit of a problem when you have to re-pair, and isn't really fair to those of us who wait for the start announcement which often doesn't come.

    Thanks and great job!

  • The pre-release was great. Didn't do to well, but was still fun and well worth it.

  • This was my first Magic event I've attended, and I had a blast. I brought a buddy that I play Magic with, and he also had a great time. My best pull was a Mox Opal, which I didn't have any of so that was pretty awesome. It seemed kind of hectic, but I think that was because of the mentioned lack of space. Thoroughly enjoyed it though and will attend again.

  • Fun tournament.
    One more round would have been great.
    Knowing that lands were gonna cost money would have been a nice heads up.

    We need a feature table just like in the big tourneys :D

    Thanks again for hosting Al.

  • Damn inventory weekend at work! Sounds like the pre-release was great success!
    Pissed that I missed it but pumped for the release tourney!

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