Returning to CCGs after a loooonng Vacay

  • Hi there,

    My name's Steve. I used to play CCGs when i was a lot younger. I didn't really play MTG though. I had one sealed intro deck that I used to play with a couple of my friends but that was about it.

    I was always much more interested in the Decipher Star Wars CCG, YuGiOh, and Pokemon, especially YuGiOh around my mid teens. but I sold my YuGiOh cards a looong time ago, lost my pokemon cards, and my SWCCG cards have become nothing more than a mere collection since WotC bought the rights to it.

    Now I'm playing MtG again, thanks to a couple friends at work. I'm currently working on a White/Green deck that i'm pretty happy with, just needs some fine-tuning.

    I'll definitely be trying to come out to draft nights, so long as I don't work.

    Oh, and if you collect SWCCG, I could be persuaded to let go of them. nothing outstanding but there's some nice cards in that collection.

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