Kelowna Girl Looking to Do Some D&D

  • Hi ho!

    Looking to join a new/existing D&D campaign: either 3.5 or 4E. I'm currently living in the Mission area but I've got a car so commuting won't be an issue for me.

    I'm fairly green. I've had a few experiences playing with D&D, but nothing too long lasting but I would love to be able to find a great group of people to play this with. I'm friendly, easy going, respectful, willing to help out with things, though I can be a bit shy/quiet.

    I work 10-6 during the week so I'd be up for something on the weekend. Email me at

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  • I'm looking for a new D&D group and there's another guy on here too. If we all meet up we would have 3. I could possibly recruit a friend or two too

    See my post in Meeting Place

  • Well folks, you may be in luck. I happen to have started my 4th edition group back up on all eight cylinders.

    Care to play? All you need to bring is yourself.
    You can optionally bring :
    A character (level 1-3)
    Snacks, drinks, etc

    The session is held in my garage/shop/mancave so wear layers of warmth that you can remove or equip as needed.
    We have a faithful space heater that does what it can but it's only so effective vs cold.

    The space is smoking but we make contentions for players as necessary (some folks work on the rigs and can't risk being pegged with second hand traces, so smoking takes place outside when they are present).
    As DM I consume large quantities of beer (also known as liquid funny), as do some other players. We have a good group who can hold their liquor, and consciousness capably.
    As a responsible adult, and a father, I will expect that if you're bringing booze, you bought it yourself because you are of legal drinking age.

    The games typically start around 7pm, and folks who need to make or manage a character should be here at least a half hour in advance.

    I have to cut this short but you can get in touch with me here if you're interested.

  • I'm looking as well and have a reasonable large space that can be used for hosting if required. Playing in a col garage like that… xD

  • 4th edition dedicated? Never to revert to 3.5?
    I'm looking for 3.5 myself, 4th edition just to rule-dedicated imo.

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