Mirrodin Besieged PreRelease

  • So i got some nice cards, a few that i thought id never own (mox opal), got a few cards ive been after, had some fun, lost A LOT (but eh, had fun). I was sided with Phyrexia.

    where did you place?
    What faction were you?
    get any awesome cards?
    have fun?

    What goes up must come sideways


  • I placed 38, and I played Mirran. Got Hellkite Igniter, Decimator Web(as a Phyrexian Foil), and Accorder Paladin. Sphere of the Suns is also pure awesome. I managed to pull a mythic Platinum Emperion.

    However, the games were amazing.

    My very first game, I finally manage to summon Hellkite. I swing for five, my Phyrexian opponent is now down at 11. I have three artifacts. He gets me the next turn to 7 poison counters. My turn comes around, and I power up Hellkite to 14/5, and swing for the win. Best give-and-take of the day.

    Then later, there was a game where I mulliganned down to FOUR cards, with two lands, down from a 7 card hand with two lands. I should not have mulliganed at all. Stupidest decision of the day.

    The next game however, we were at 1-1, and I managed to get out Decimator web, and I have milled out it seems most of the mountains he needed. He had three red cards in hand, no mountains on the field, and I milled five mountains into the graveyard. He manages to destroy the creature my Piston Sledge was equipped to, so I summon Leonin Relic-Warder to exile Piston Sledge. The next turn, I summon Glimmerpoint Stag to exile Leonin till the end of the turn, bringing Piston Sledge back in, onto the Stag. Then Leonin comes back in, and exiles Darksteel Axe(iirc) off of the one creature my opponent has. I won shortly after that.

    In general, I think most people had fun, were relaxed, and even in losing, enjoyed the day. It was very fun, and well-worth the money. Will go to the next one for sure, as well as the launch party. :D

  • It was a good day. I placed a horrible sixty or seventy something. I won my first match and then proceeded to get facerolled the rest of the day with 0-2 for every other game. Got a couple of deck ideas from the cards and I've got one nearly finished the other is gonna be harder. Drew the Knowledge Pool and I want to see what I can do with it now that I have my other cards. It's a weird card…

  • try making EDH/other multiplayer variant decks with it. its really a multiplayer card

    What goes up must come sideways


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