Jenellybean's trade list

  • Wants:
    4x snapcaster mage
    2x restoration angel
    4x hallowed fountain


    1x Angel of serenity
    1x Rest in peace
    1x Odric, Master tactician
    3x Palisade giant

    1x Underworld connections
    1x Pack rat
    1x Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
    2x Grave betrayal
    1x Desecration Demon
    1x Disciple of Bolas

    1x Jace, Architect of thought
    3x Cyclonic rift
    1x Sphinx of the chimes
    1x Void stalker
    1x Sphinx of uthuun
    2x Conjured currency

    2x Deadbridge goliath
    1x Green sun's zenith
    1x Death's presence
    2x Mana bloom
    3x Death's presence (1 foil)
    1x Ulvenwald Tracker
    1x Wolfir Silverheart
    1x Yeva, Nature's herald
    1x Thragtusk

    2x Mizzium mortars
    1x Utvara hellkite
    2x Chaos imps

    2x Archon of the triumvirate
    2x Growing ranks
    1x Grove of the guardian
    2x Nivmagus elemental
    1x Counterflux
    3x Mercurial chemister
    1x Fireminds foresight
    2x Blood crypt
    2x Dreadbore
    1x Rakdos, Lord of riots
    2x Carnival hellsteed
    1x Havoc festival
    1x Abrupt decay
    1x Jarad, Golgari lich lord
    1x Corpsejack menace
    1x Chromatic Lantern
    1x Pithing needle
    1x Hellion crucible
    1x Volatile rig
    1x Armada Wurm
    1x Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
    1x Grim backwoods
    1x Supreme verdict
    3x Hypersonic dragon (1 promo foil)
    1x Deathrite shaman
    1x Epic experiment

    Random Foils:
    1x Axebane stag
    1x Trostani's judgement
    1x Towering indrik
    1x Chemister's trick

  • Hey, Have a Hallowed Fountain and would be interested in either your angel of serenity or blood crypt.

  • Need any other UW cards?

    I have a hallowed fountain, but cant come up with an equal trade as I want the Blood Crypt(s), Mizzium Mortars, and Dreadbore. Possibly the Underworld Connections too, if you don't need anything else we could figure it out in the store some time

  • I would be interested in trading the hallowed fountain for the blood crypt, is there anything else I can add to make up the $2 difference?

  • not too much else shes looking for atm besides a couple runechanters pikes

  • my

    hallowed fountain 16
    Foil runechanterspike 5
    +something to make up the difference

    Blood crypt 15
    Trostani, Selesnya's Voice 10

  • To make up the difference:
    Rest in peace 3

  • sounds good to me. Will you be there tomorrow? I'll bring your cards and I'll have a red hat on

  • I wont, but Snakemeister/Jacob will be there doing some trades and can do the trade for me.

  • Any other wants besides those three cards? I would like to get the jace but obviously using him along side snapcasters, hallowed fountain, and resto's, lol.

  • yoyo… she isnt looking for anything else atm. sorry for the long response, she forgot about the message haha

  • Have
    Fountain and something worth 2 dollars?

    Shaman and Decay

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • Sounds good, do you have a trade list somewhere?

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