Anyone need a roomate or have a room to rent?

  • I know this isn't the most appropriate place to enquire however I am a little desperate at the moment. If I cannot find a place in 7 days I have to leave Kelowna forever which isn't my top choice because I really like the magic community I've got to known. Anyways I am dilligantly searching for a place to live and thought I would send out some feelers among the people I have gotten to know at Quantum, this being my only resource at the moment to ask any of you.

    My email is and all I need is a place to sleep and a place for a computer. My whole life is just physiotherapy, computers, and magic so my needs are simple. If you have anything or know of anything that can help me out I would greatly appreciate it and show immediate gratitude in the form of pizza!

    I already have skimmed through Castanet but if anyone also knows of other resources feel free to share! Thanks in advance to any who can render assistance, also thank you to Al and if you can please leave this up over the weekend I would be in your dept.

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