Revenge of the "Hey Everyone"

  • So funny thing about Quantums forums, if you have the exact same topic as another user… lets just say my "Hey Everyone" topic got lost in translation.. -.-;

    Heres whats supposed to have been said:

    Hey Everyone, my name is Kyle, and I am looking to reintegrate myself back into an old hobby of mine.

    I started playing Magic when i was in high school up in Prince George, a friend of mine at the time had a group in the main science room get together every lunch period for a round or two of Magic.
    I was stoked and enthused! Loved every second of it.

    Annnd then I moved to Summerland and could find literally no one to play with, eventually somewhere down the line loosing about $150 worth of my cards somewhere, and then the rest as time progressed and I moved around BC. But by the time Grade 12 happened, I was already "out" of the table top scene.

    For the past couple weeks now, I've been bitten by the table top bug and I've been intensely enthusiastic about getting back into it. But, of course, the moment I get bit, is the moment I become dead broke, I havent even been able to afford Zombie Dice or a booster pack.
    In fact, for Magic I have to start from ground zero again because I've lost all of my previous cards. Also because its been a few years (im 26 now) I need to even refamiliarize myself with the core rules, and then hardcore study all the new abilities and techniques of the newer editions. I havent touched magic since Planeshift.

    I am also interested in D&D (any edition I guess, in Kelowna Im not really allowed to be picky apparently), and other games like Munchkins and stuff.

    Im stoked and eagar, cant wait for my first payday to start picking some games up and finally integrating myself.

    So, hey guys, how are you? :)

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