• I want to do a little play testing with this new deck I'm tuning (Standard) for Wednesday, anyone available to do so tomorrow/Wednesday beforehand?

  • Yea, anytime wed,

    You still got my entreat?

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • Yes I do

    Im gunna stop by quantum some time today, whens good for you?

  • Just went to quantum to pick up a few commons I needed. My number is 2508638817, text me whenever/can do whatever

  • Hey, yea wont make it today. Wednesday though. Not sure what time but probably be there around 2 till game time if im bored ill come earlier.

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • Sure np, just text me whenever.

  • I wont be able to make it at 2, something came up. But Ill be there around 3-4.

  • Gunna head there now

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