Looking for 4th Ed Group, new or existing

  • Hey everyone, I'm a 26yo Rutland resident with a car looking for a new or existing 4th Ed group.

    I'm new to playing D&D itself, but I'm extremely familiar with the game (listening and watching multitudes of hours worth of tutorials and game sessions, hours of reading the players handbooks and test crafting characters) So a little baring with me and some minor hand holding as I get into the swing of things actually playing it may be necessary, but I'm super psyched to learn as I go and be apart of a regular group in Kelowna, perhaps weekly or bi-weekly

    I'm friendly, extremely easy to get along with, a little queit and shy at first but I warm up pretty quick, extremely respectful and will even help out at any time with anything needed. I am a professional web developer so I have private web space for things like wikis, forums and such to help keep things organized off game time.

    Please hit me back at my email: kyle@blackjaguarstudios.com
    I have a cell too of course, but its a useless brick till early next month sovill update this thread with the phone number when its active again


    -Kyle Harrison

  • Hey I've never played 4.0 but am looking to find a new group (prefer 3.5 but whatever). I live close to Rutland area, have car etc.

    There's another person looking for a group too. If we all met up we'd be 3

    See my other post in the Meeting Place

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