WTT for a clump of older commons and uncommons.

  • Looking for a good trade on a clump of random commons and uncommon from sets Mirrodin {2003} through Rise of the Eldrazi.

    If you have such a thing please leave a contact name and number below…

  • Welp, you're not allowed to use the forums to buy cards, so just a warning. I have a huge amount of cards from those sets that I can trade off if you have cards for trade.

    Also Bakemonogatari was meh. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is 200 times better.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • Oppps, I guess I missed the fine print. oh well.

    Well if you are interested in trading give me a txt {250-300-4535} and we can work out the details. I have a few things that might be of interest eg. foil steam vents.

    Bakemonogatari was just alright, but it's sequal, Nisemonogatari, was pretty good. I have never seen Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and usually stick with darker or more quirky titles. I like the image because of the expression. It's the kind of expression you'd give someone who is pointing out the fine print on a forum or what not.

  • FYI Mirrodin was 2003, 1993 would be Alpha :P

    Also If you like I have LOADS of Mirrodin Block commons and uncommons I can unload, Give me time to sort through my older box and I can whip up piles

    I should have cards from

    Invasion block
    Odyssey Block
    Onslaught Block
    Mirrodin Block
    Kamigawa Block
    Time spiral Block
    Some as far back as Antiquities
    I will see what I can find that might be both good for you, not in use by me, and not super trade fodder for vintage/legacy/modern peops

    I'll go through it and let you know
    Any specific kinds of C and U you are looking to get?

  • @evil…. ahh, shiznit, I made a type-o; Which has been corrected. shrugz. Since I already know where you work and sleep I'll hunt you down and we'll chat ;-P. I thought you only had ancient stuff...

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