Sean's Trades

  • Wants

    Ghost Quarter

    Patron Wizard
    Ertai, Wizard Adept

    Eventually want to pick up Grim Monolith, Power Artifact, Pact of Negation, Force of Will, Mindsculptor

    Modern (Post-PTQ):
    3 Misty Rainforest Highest Priority
    3 Engineered Explosives Highest Priority
    1-2 Thirst For Knowledge (FNM Promo or mirridon foil)
    Aether Vial
    2 Arid Mesa
    2 Mutavault
    1 Path to Exile
    4 Tectonic Edge (Promo) - Can replace with regular ones




    Sphinx's Revelation
    Spark Trooper
    Duskmantle Seer x 2(Foil or Non-Foil)
    Drogskol Reaver x 2
    Firemane Avenger (Promo)
    Detention Sphere x 2
    Dreadbore (Foil or Non-Foil)
    Rakdos's Return
    Geist of Saint Traft (Foil) - Would want a replacement
    Slaughter Games x 2


    Rest in Peace
    Stony Silence
    Gather the Townsfolk (Promo)


    Mayor of Avabruck x 4 (2 Promo)
    Ground Seal


    Cyclonic Rift
    Curse of Echoes (Foil)


    Stromkirk Noble x 4 (2 Japanese)
    Mizzium Mortars
    Past In Flames (Foil)
    Ancient Grudge (Promo)
    Zealous Conscripts x 2


    Ogre Slumlord
    Underworld Connections x 2
    Sever the Bloodline x 2


    Runechanter's Pike x 2
    Witchbane Orb
    Glaring Spotlight


    Sacred Foundry
    Glacial Fortress x 4 (4 Foil) - Would need replacements
    Sunpetal Grove x 4
    Moorland Haunt (Foil or Non-Foil)


    Sorin, Lord of Innistrad x 2
    Tamiyo, The Moon Sage
    Liliana of the Dark Realms



    Kitchen Finks x 3
    Lightning Helix x 2


    White Sun's Zenith x 2 (1 Foil)
    Blade Splicer
    Sun Titan x 2


    Eternal Witness x 3


    Thirst for knowledge (Foil Mirridon, Non-Foil Mirridon, Duel Decks)
    Erayo, Soratami Ascendant
    Temporal Adept
    Beacon of Tomorrows
    Mistbind Clique x 2
    Stroke of Genius


    Grimlavamancer x 3 (Foil) - Would need replacement


    Ratchet Bomb (Foil or Non-Foil)
    Vedalken Shackles (Foil) - Would need replacement


    Mystic Gate x 2

  • Offer:

    3 x Lingering Souls - $2/ea = $6


    1 x Sphinx's Revelation - $6

  • Sure thing, you going to be at quantum today?

  • No sorry, I will be there on the 26th. Hopefully that still works for you.

  • Hey sorry I was able to do a bulk trade for the souls + a lot of my wanted list on Friday

  • Updated both haves and wants

  • Updated

  • Updated

  • Hey just browsing your list here, I have 4 full art zendikar foil plains, you going to be there tonight?

  • Great! Ya I will, actually heading there in about 30 min or so

  • ill be there around 6 bells see you there

  • hey i need 2 steam vents, 4 sulfur falls, and 4 rootbound craig. take a look at my list and let me know

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  • Don't really see anything at the moment, but I'll take a look next time your at the store. Only really looking for foils of what I got and maybe some geists.

    But I am sure we can work something out

  • Updated

  • Updated

  • Hey Sean I saw you're looking for Remands. I actually have 5 of them haha. Do you happen to have any overgrown tombs, a Mox Opal or Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas?

  • Sean, I have 4x Pyro Ascension. Also, not sure if you still wanted to or not, but I might be willing to let go of my foil Iso chap if you can replace it with a regular one. I see some stuff on your list I am interested in so hopefully we can work something out. Get my # from Travis if you want and we can work out a more elaborate deal maybe.

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  • Sounds great, I don't really have anything built in standard and have my sights set on modern atm. So I will def trade a bunch of standard for the modern I need.

    I need 2 of the ascensions, willing to part with any of your remands? (2 or 3) or sleight of hands? (2)
    Also, do you have any extra electrolyze, grim lavamancers, and/or spellskites?

    Ill get your number from travis


  • Unfortunately I dont have any of those, I do have a clifftop off your wants though. I could get you same value of cards or possibly a mix with store credit as well.

  • oh alright yeah I'd take the clifftop. Which other dual/sac lands do you have for trade? or do u happen to have a resto angel for trade?

  • I have a few duals, i have a playset of restos (ill trade if i need to but id rather trade something else).

    We can work it out in person, whens the next time your going to be at the shop?

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