The_Cyphers Trading List (Updated Nov 12)

  • Hey guys, new to the forums and magic! If anyone does want to trade with me, I do live in vernon but I can make weekend trips to Quantum for some trades. Anyways, to the list!


    Chaos Imps 8
    Guild Feud 5
    Hamletback Goliath
    Utvara Hellkite
    Mondronen Shaman
    Falkenrath Marauders
    Firewing Phoenix 2
    Mizzium Mortars
    Tyrant of Discord
    Archwing Dragon
    Hound of Griselbrand
    Burn at the Stake
    Reforge the Soul

    Jace, Architect of Thought
    Sphinx of Uthuun (foil)
    Sphinx of the Chimes 4
    Void Stalker
    Conjured Currency 3
    Battle of Wits 2 (lol)
    Search the City 3
    Devastation Tide
    Stormtide Leviathan
    Infinite Reflection
    Deadeye Navigator
    Stolen Goods

    Boundless Realms
    Death's Presence 2
    Quirion Dryad
    Yeva, Nature's Herald 2
    Mana Bloom
    Deranged Outcast

    Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
    Gloom Surgeon
    Wit's End
    Grave Betrayal (foil)
    Dread Slaver
    Demonic Rising
    Treacherous Pit-Dweller
    Dark Imposter

    Riders of Gavony

    Armada Wurm
    Isperia, Supreme Judge
    Cryptborn Horror 3
    Archon of the Triumvirate 2
    Righteous Authority 2
    Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
    Bruna, Light of Alabaster
    Abrupt Decay
    Azor's Elocutors
    Slaughter Games 2
    Supreme Verdict

    Darkslick Shore
    Alchemist's Refuge
    Desolate Lighthouse

    Chromatic Lantern 2

    Deadbridge Goliath 3
    Primordial Hydra 2
    Tree of Redemption
    Silverblade Paladin 3
    Chandra, the Firebrand 1
    Vexing Devil 3
    Garruk Relentless 2
    Craterhoof Behemoth
    Killing Wave
    Blood Artist

    Foil Swamps
    Foil Mountains
    Foil Forests

    Non standard cards:

    Phyrexian Crusader 4
    Shrine of Burning Rage 4
    Gut Shot 1
    Inferno Titan 1

  • Welcome! Dont see any trades that Im interested in atm, but look forward to some future prospects! Enjoy the forums!

  • Offer:

    1x Strangleroot Geist - $1
    3x Predator Ooze - $3/ea = $9


    1x Underworld Connections - $2
    1x Deathrite Shaman - $8

    Let me know if you are ever able to make it to Q during the hours of an FNM, as that is usually the only night of the week I make it there. If you like the trade we can get it done at FNM on the 26th. If you aren't able to make it than don't worry about the trade.

    Let me know.

  • I would be down for that trade. I can make it to FNM this week (Oct.19th) as I was already planning on heading to Kelowna this weekend anyways. If this week doesnt work and I can make a trip next week as well for the trade.

  • It will have to be next week. See you then.

  • Chris, we still down for that trade this Friday (Oct 26th)?
    I'll be there around 6:30-7 and ill be wearing a black hurley hat backwards and some sort of heavy metal band shirt.
    Hope to see ya Fri!

  • rakdos, lord of riots 6
    garruk ph x2 14
    chandra 4
    silklash .75
    akromas memorial 3.5
    necropolis regent 3
    jarad, golgari lich lord 5

    1x Overgrown tomb 20
    1x Temple garden 16

    I will be at gameday on Saturday

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Yes I will be there Friday. See you then.

  • I would love to make that trade on Sat Kop!
    I will be at Quantum Oct 26th for FNM if you could make it then, that'd be fantastic, but if not i can come back saturday as well.

  • What time are you going to be there??… cause I work till 330 thn have a bunch of errands to do before halloween party commences.

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Or seeing as Christopher will be there on saturday aswell maybe you could just come saturday???

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Oh, alright, I didn't know he was going to be at the Games Day. I would much rather only have to make one drive to Kelowna, so if it works for Chris as well, then I guess that's the plan

  • Ya the trade can hold off until Saturday. See you then.

  • Ok, just need a time for when I should be around at

  • I should be there from 6-930

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • tree of redemption foil 3
    4 priests of urabrask 1
    promo deadbridge goliath 1
    silklash .75
    3 inferno 7.5
    4 geosurge 1
    strangleroot 1
    dreadbore 8
    3 gut shot 4.5

    1x Angel of serenity 25

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I have a silklash and a vexing devil I was wondering if you could check my list and maybe you could find something to trade for your steam vents

  • Sorry, I traded the Steam Vents away today man :(

  • That looks like a good trade to me, only thing is I got the last dreadbore i need, so if we can figure something to swap that out with I think we have another trade.
    I also have the 2 Pithing Needles and Mizzium Motars you are looking for K0P. The Candra, VD's and foil Elderscale I'd be interested in to maybe square up the trade.

  • hey cypher I traded away the v devils and the other stuff aswell srry brah…Buuttt I do have 4 foil zendikar forest if your interested?

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I also have a full art strangleroot geist..not sure if your into that aswell.

    Uncing my way to victory.


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