Interested in Warmachine / Hordes

  • Hey guys! I wanted to introduce my self to the community, I am Will, also I go as PG_Rayzthedead and I have just become a Press ganger for Privateer Press ( its a volunteer program to bring the community together and run events) I wanted to put out the offer to anyone that is interested in learning Warmachine & Hordes, that I am always up for running people through demo games! I can meet up at Quantum most Saturdays and the demo is for 2 players so if you have a friend I can run you both through! SO send me a message or if you want the Kelowna Gaming Club has a group on Face book, you can join there to talk to people about game or get in touch with me ( Will.H) Awesome hope to see new players!

  • yes please learn so the Kamloops guys can lay a beating on your armies….muah hahaha. Hows that sound? Anywas, I just signed up on here for the foodmachine tourney. Now we can banter back and forth before tournaments.

    Kamloops Press Ganger


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