• Hey people! I was at the Ravnica draft last night, scored an Armada worm which I traded for oodles of cards. Among the cards were three pack rats. Can you guess what kind of deck I am going to try? Rats. Soooo…. Ideas? Pack rats is obviously in the deck, Ravenous Rats and Drainpipe Vermin (looking for three DP Vermin's) but what other legal rats are there out there?

    Any ideas as to how I can make a rat deck are welcome and appreciated greatly. I'll be out of town for a couple of days so my responses won't be for a while, but any help appreciated. Thanks all!

    P.S. Not entirely sure if I should go mono-colour or tricolour. If I went tricolour, what do you think would work well? I was thinking Selesnya cards could work well by populating the rat tokens.

    P.P.S. Do Pack Rat tokens made by using its ability increase in strength (power/toughness) like the original rat?

    Thanks a bundle folks.

    Myr Myr on the wall, who gives the most mana of them all?


  • gatherer.wizards.com is a tool you can use to find whatever card you are looking for that can match any format.

    And yes, the rat tokens that copy Pack Rat also copy its ability to copy further and its power/toughness modifier.

  • Here is a list that was posted by Chapin :

    <span class="titletext">B/G Rats</span>

    Featured by Patrick Chapin on 2012-10-07 (Standard)
    <span style="vertical-align: text-top; text-align: left; font-size: 14px;">Maindeck:


    4 <span class="card_popup"> Diregraf Ghoul</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Drainpipe Vermin</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Geralf's Messenger</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Gravecrawler</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Lotleth Troll</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Pack Rat</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Rakdos Cackler</span>

    2 <span class="card_popup"> Ravenous Rats</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Typhoid Rats</span>


    3 <span class="card_popup"> Dead Weight</span>


    4 <span class="card_popup"> Tragic Slip</span>

    Basic Lands

    9 <span class="card_popup"> Swamp</span>


    2 <span class="card_popup"> Cavern of Souls</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Overgrown Tomb</span>

    4 <span class="card_popup"> Woodland Cemetery</span></span>

    Although its a zombie rats deck, it can give you a good idea of the kind of removal to use + some other cards for the other slots.

  • Thanks a bunch guys! I'll get working on the deck and tell you guys how it works out.

    Myr Myr on the wall, who gives the most mana of them all?


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