Tanner's H/W List

  • If you have nothing on my wants feel free to let me know what you are interested in I'll have a look at your list.

    **I'll be gone for the summer on April 23rd. Depending on where I get a job I'll still try to come in every now and then.


    Highest priority


    3 Steam Vents
    3 experiment one
    4 thragtusk


    2 Karn, Liberated
    4 grove of the burnwillows
    4 noble hierarch
    4 misty rainforest
    2 verdant catacombs
    1 mountain (unglued)
    2 forest (unglued)

    4 Death's shadow
    4 hunted horror
    4 force of Savagery
    Bloodbraid Elf (promo)
    1 Avatar of Woe (promo)
    4 duskmantle seer
    4 Talara's Battalion
    4 Extirpate

    Meh whenever I get to it
    3 godless shrines
    4 watery graves
    4 vampiric tutors
    3 demonic tutors
    1 mountain (unglued)
    2 forest (unglued)
    1 Sacred Foundry

    For collection (The more common walkers aren't a priority so I won't be willing to trade anything)

    Ajani Vengeant (Shards)
    Ajani Goldmane (pro tour promo)
    Chandra Nalaar (NOT promo)
    Elspeth Tirel
    Elspeth, Knight-Errant (Shards and Promo)
    Garruk Wildspeaker (DD Promo)
    Jace Beleren (DD promo)
    2x Karn, Liberated
    Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    Koth of the Hammer (DD promo)
    Liliana Vess (DotP promo and normal)
    Nissa Revane (promo)
    Tezzeret the Seeker (shards and promo)
    Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
    Venser, the Sojourner (promo)

    I've only listed standards. I'll list everything else when I'm bored.


    Skarrg Goliath

    2x Diluvian Primordial

    Undercity Plague
    Ogre Slumlord
    Sepulchral Primordial

    Glaring spotlight *foil

    Alms Beast
    Gruul Ragebeast
    Assemble the legion
    3x Fathom Mage (1 foil)
    Soul Ransom
    Unexpected results
    Biomass Mutation
    whispering madness
    Signal the clans
    Treasury Thrull
    merciless eviction


    Palisade Giant
    2x Cathars' Crusade
    Captain of the Watch

    1x hellrider
    past in flames
    Falkenrath Marauders
    Tyrant of Discord
    2x Reforge the Soul
    Instigator Gang
    Alpha Brawl
    Firewing Phoenix
    Markov Blademaster
    Cursed Stalked Prey
    Kruin Outlaw


    Daybreak Ranger
    Druids' Repository
    Deadbridge Goliath
    2x Moldgraf Monstrosity
    Silklash Spider
    Gutter Grime
    Elvish Archdruid
    Soul of the Harvest


    Back from the Brink
    2x ludevic's test subject
    2x Sphinx of the Chimes
    Conjured Currency
    Battle of Wits
    Laboratory Maniac
    Spirit Away
    2x Devastation Tide
    Geralf's Mindcrusher


    Killing Wave
    Endless Ranks of the Dead
    2x Demonic Rising
    Unbreathing Horde
    Treacherous Pit-Dweller
    Wit's End
    Bloodgift Demon
    skirsdag high priest


    5x Evil Twin
    Havoc Festival
    Jarad's Orders
    3x Mercurial Chemister
    2x Firemind's Foresight
    Righteous Authority
    2x cryptborn horror


    Otherworld Atlas
    Creepy Doll
    2x Door to nothingness
    Trading Post
    Witchbane Orb
    volatile rig


    1x Clifftop retreat
    5x isolated Chapels
    2x Stensia Bloodhall
    Moorland Haunt
    3x Desolate Lighthouse
    Grove of the Guardian
    hinterland harbor

    –-----------Non Rare Foils---------------
    not always updated!!

    aerie mystics
    aven trailblazer
    aven trailblazer
    conclave equenaut
    Ethereal haze
    gleam of resistance
    guardians of akrasa
    Harmless assault
    Holy strength
    ikiral outrider
    Kithkin Healer
    Knight of cliffhaven
    Knight of cliffhaven
    leonin relic-warder
    marble chalice
    order of the stars
    quilled sliver
    Security Blockade
    silent-chant zubera
    Spectral Gateguards
    valiant guard
    voice of truth
    wild griffin
    yoked plowbeast

    clinging mists
    divergent growth
    ember weaver
    glissa's courier
    gravity well
    Greenside watcher
    grizzled outcasts
    jungle weaver
    krosan groundshaker
    lys alana bowmaster
    mighty emergence
    natural end
    prey's vengeance
    quest for the gemblades
    resounding roar
    shard convergence
    spore burst
    sporecap spider
    sudden strength
    tel-jilad defiance
    towering indrik
    villagers of estwald
    withstand death
    wolf-skull shaman
    zendikar farguide

    arrogant bloodlord
    bleak coven vampires
    bone splinters
    corrupted roots
    cruel revival (trade pending)
    daggerdrome imp
    drag down
    dreg reaver
    duty-bound dead
    executioner's capsule
    executioner's capsule
    flesh allergy
    mind rot
    moonglove changeling
    relentless rats
    scourge servant
    sedraxis alchemist
    shore snapper
    shrivel (trade pending)
    urborg syphon-mage
    yoke of the damned

    calcite snapper
    call to heel
    champion's drake
    cloudheath drake
    cumber stone
    grixis illusionist
    gryff vanguard
    inaction injunction
    ior ruin expendition
    kathari screecher
    lay bare
    minamo sightbender
    mirran spy
    mothdust changeling
    paralyzing grasp
    phantom beast
    screeching skaab
    skaab goliath
    tideforce elemental
    torch drake
    tortoise formation
    tortoise formation
    whiplash trap
    worldly counsel

    dragonsoul knight
    fire juggler
    flaring pain
    furious resistance
    hanweir lancer
    jund battlemage
    lightning mauler
    lightning talons
    magma spray
    orge menial
    rage forger
    resounding thunder
    rolling terrain
    scourge devil
    scrapyard salvo
    soul's fire
    tormented pariah
    torrent of stone
    unstable footing
    viashino skeleton
    viashino skeleton
    vithian stinger

    agony warp
    agony warp
    architects of will
    beckon apparition
    breath of malfegor
    dramatic rescue
    gloryscale viashino
    goblin deathraiders
    grizzled leotau
    illusory demon
    illusory demon
    jhessian balmgiver
    kathari bomber
    naya sojourners
    reborn hope
    rhox bodyguard
    sangrite backlash
    sangrite surge
    sigil of the nayan gods
    sigiled behemoth
    steward of valeron
    sundering growth
    tower gargoyle
    trestle troll
    valley rannet
    vedalken ghoul
    vedalken ghoul
    veinfire borderpost
    violent outburst
    zombie outlander

    accorder's shield
    adventuring gear
    armillary sphere
    blight sickle
    bone saw
    brass squire
    butcher's cleaver
    cellar door
    gold myr
    grafted exoskeleton
    infiltration lens
    obelisk of grixis
    obelisk of grixis
    scroll of griselbrand
    shadowblood egg
    strider harness
    throne of geth
    trigon of mending

    forest (inn)
    forest (inn)
    jund panorama
    mountain (RTR)

  • Hey, I would like your
    2x dragonskull summits 7.00

    I have off your list
    3x silence 3.00
    1x blade splicer 2.00

    maybe you can find something else in my binder to even it up, I have tons of cards.

    I'll be at quantum tmrw briefly thn next wed for standard.

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Offer:

    1x Blade Splicer - $2
    1x Glacial Fortress - $2.5


    1x Eye of Ugin - $4

    Let me know if that works for you and we can meet up Friday before FNM to finish the trade.

    I have Talrands, and more blade splicers for trade. Check out my thread and see if you can find any of the modern commons/uncommons im looking for.


  • I won't be able to make it friday because I have to head home right away but I can make an appearance on wednesday if that works for both of you? What kind of times are you both thinking anyways?

  • I'll be there from 6-9 or 10 on wednesday. See ya there

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Ya I will be there on wednesday for WNM since I cant make it for FNM on the 12th.

  • Updated haves and wants.

    I'll be at quantum around 7ish if that works for both of you. I'll be wearing a red niners hat. Also I found 4x ancient stirrings if you still need them Chris.

  • Do you want to modify our trade then?

    1x Blade Splicer - $2
    1x Glacial Fortress - $2.5
    1x Rogues Passage - $0.5


    1x Eye of Ugin - $4
    4x Ancient Stirrings - $1

    See you wednesday

  • just updated. Excited for my first time at quantum on wednesday lol

  • I have 2 Talrands for your Sigarda, Host Of Herons if you are interested. Both sides of that work out to $10. Let me know if that works for you.

    Abbath Announces Candidacy: Vows To End Global Warming By Covering The Entire World In Permafrost.


  • I'm sorry I'd prefer not to trade down for the Talrand's as they aren't a high priority for me right now. I'm afraid I'll need to trade Sigarda for my high value wants. But if I get all those and you are still interested I'd gladly make that trade

  • Hey, are you going to be there for 7 still? or you playing?. Could really use those dragonskulls before the tourny starts at 6 if thats possible.

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • if you need dskulls early and he cant make it corey i got 4 im not using

  • Werd..thanks brah

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Hey ya I can be there for 6. I'm not playing just gonna check everything out. Watch a bit mingle hopefully

  • It's all gd…was looking thru my shit pile of cards and found my 4 dragonskulls. I'll stick to the trade tho, see ya when I see ya.

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Oh well you don't need to do that. The splicers and silences aren't really a priority I'm cool with holding onto the dskulls if you don't need em anymore.

  • yep, you keep them thn. thanks

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Have Phage + Talrand = $11

    Want Isolated Chapel = $12

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • I'm sorry for the late reply I no longer need either of those cards sorry about that. I will check your list to see if there is anything though.

  • updated with some RTR got myself a jace and angel of serenity if good offers

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