Fresh Start

  • Hi I'm sort of new in town grew up around Oliver BC. I'm third year civil engineering at UBCO and want to start taking my MTG addiction a little more seriously. I've been a casual player my whole life and now would like to get into more modern and standard.

    My knowledge base I would definitely considered limited but I'm a quick learner and would enjoy getting to experience the aspects of magic I have missed up to this point. I'll be posting a H/W list when I get a little break from homework. I also go on MOTL and have been trading on there for a couple months due to not really knowing many other players. I'm also a lurker on tappedout

    If anyone would like to show me the ropes or send me some deck blueprints that won't bust the bank I'd greatly appreciate it. Hopefully I'll get to see you all around sometime

  • Hello,

    Welcome to the store. Just play as often as you can on wednesdays and fridays to get better. Reading mtg articles from starcitygames, channelfireball, tcgplayer to get a handle on the competitive formats is not a bad place to start.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Don't listen to a thing Gordo has to say about magic, he is awful. No joke.

  • hahah I'll be sure to keep it in mind. I'll be sure to stop by for a wednesday when I can just to watch or something. None of my decks are built to any format other than casual. Fridays I could for booster drafts but I'll have to do my research first so I don't get crushed.

  • There are many newer player showing up for Drafts now. There is one tomorrow, and I suggest showing up.

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