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  • So with the Pre-Release coming up next weekend, I was hoping to get some advice on sealed play. Hopefully with what I've learned from Fridays since the last one, and hopefully a bit better luck, I might actually do ok this time. Anyway, here are my questions:

    Phyrexian or mirran?
    what type of creatures/spells should I be looking for?
    any other advice would be awesome

    Thanx in advance

  • look at all the preview cards, look at the faction watermark on them and then choose a side from there.
    if you go phyrexian: look for fast ways to deal infect, small creatures, pump spells, and removal.
    if you go Mirran: look for removal, counters, good finishers and "anti-infect"

    1. just have fun. its a game, and that means you should have fun with it, dont worry about rating as much.
    2. READ all the cards you open! best tip i can give.

    all this advice is personal to my views on the game. there are others who will give "better" advice. but in the end its all up to you what you do.

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  • A good thing to keep in mind is your curve. Sealed will be slower than draft but it seems there are a lot of aggressive cards in the new set. Keep an eye out for casting costs, you want a good amount of 2-3 casting cost spells in order to establish a board presence. As always, removal is extremely good, and should be included. Try to stay within 2 colors as a rule, unless you are well practiced and can work in a feasible 3rd color usually 1 amazing card. As for Phyrexian vs Mirran, I think I like Mirran myself, lots of nice utility cards.

    Some things to look at when evaluating cards:
    2 for 1s: Card advantage pays off, and the more cards that can kill/trade for more than 1 are always good.
    Casting Cost: Overloading on too many UU/GG/BB/RR/WW cards, especially the 2 drops can hurt you. (Not hugely a big deal as this format will comprise of a ton of artifacts.
    Creatures!: I have seen many people make the mistake of running 3-4 equipment and like 10-12 creatures. You can rarely win a game where you dont have board presence, and not bringing enough creatures can cause your deck to implode if your opponent manages to draw a few removal spells.
    Play your bombs!!! : With so many artifacts, it is hard to justify not playing an amazing card if you pull it. (Unless its the (12) cost infect guy. dont play him. ever. (in limited)

  • @maxqtime:

    Phyrexian or mirran?

    Since there is no official set list yet, and we've all had this question arrive in our inboxes, this might be helpful:

    Being sealed, the commons are the most pertinent. I believe we'll be receiving 3 packs of Scars, and if so, picking a faction becomes even less important. I would assume, and everything I've heard reflects this, that the two factions are equal.

  • Lol. Thy announced it would be a 3/3 split a while ago. Full spoiler want up at some point yesterday. There are differences between the two, it all depends on what Yoy're want more of.

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  • Thanks for all the advice. I guess the only thing left to do is get out there and have some fun. I'm going to choose Phyrexian, mostly because I want the Glissa promo card, but also I think poison will have a really good showing at this event.

  • The amazing boosterme app on heroku just gt updated. Man I love this guy.

    you can now choose either mirran or phyrexian and it will make a 3/3 sealed dec file for you plus a visual spoiler. A must use for testing.


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