MTG BC Provincial Champs Oct 14th

  • BC Provincial Champs - The 2012's Sunday, October 14th, 2012

    Standard Constructed, includes Return to Ravnica, M13 (M12 not legal)
    Competitive REL
    Swiss rounds plus T8 playoff for glory!

    Sunday, October 14. SUNDAY! Sunday Sunday Sunday!
    Registration = 10am - 11am
    Round 1 Start = 11:15am

    $25 Cdn
    Cash preferred.
    Debit and Credit Card payment should be available barring service outages.

    What's in it for me?
    A major competitive event (we are expecting 90-130 people for this event)
    Open field with a new set before top tier decks are re-established
    Playmats for top 8 finishers
    Unique playmat for event champion
    Champion receives free entry to Premiere Events (Prereleases, PTQ's, GPs) for 1 calendar year Product prizes for top 40% of finishers

    Prize Structure

    Estimated - will scale based on number of entrants (based on 125 entrants…)
    1st Place 36 packs, Champion playmat, free premiere events for 1 year (PTQ, Prerelease, GPs) in the form of 300-coin-shaped things*
    2nd Place 24 packs, T8 playmat, 100 coin-shaped things*
    3-4 Place 18 packs, T8 playmat, entry fee refunded
    5-8 Place 12 packs, T8 playmat, entry fee refunded
    9-16 Place 9 packs
    17-32 Place 4 packs
    32-48 Place 3 packs

    Basically first place gets free PTQ's, Prereleases and GP entries for a year, sounds pretty appealing. A lot of the better players in Vancouver will be out to GP San Jose for team trios meaning this can be an easier win than usual. If anyone is interested and has a car, hit me up.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • I thought you weren't interested because its too early in the new standard season…

  • I'll just play whatever is the best at the time. That or Bant control because Bant control is stupid.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • Bant needs Breeding Pool first before it can work…

  • What are Hallowed fountain and Temple Garden and Glacial Fortress and Hinterland Harbor and Sunpetal grove.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


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