• So… there's an SCG this weekend in LA. LA is 4 hours from me now. Should I play? What should I play?

  • Are you taking requests for fun decks or serious decks?

    I would probably go with B/R zombies.

  • yesterdays scg top8

    3 mono green infect
    1 zombie pod
    1 naya pod
    1 b/r zombies <–--- Won the event
    1 u/b zombies
    1 g/w elves

  • Delver or BR zombies. Probably BR zombies.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • I'm not sure if I have everything for BR zombies, but I suppose I can find it. I'm not sure I like playing it, either. Dont' you think people will have very good sideboard options for it? If anything, I feel black has the best removal against it (celestial purge, pillar of flame, mainly)..

    I'll build it online tomorrow and give it a whirl. If anyone wants to test against me, my name online is Daxonovitch.

  • Can't find your name on the SCG pairings list :P

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