New war gamer player

  • Hey! I'm Max , I'm new in the valley (south of pentic..) . Well i been living here for 3 years now but still see my self as a new comer . I've been moving around lots but i think i'm gonna be living here for many year to come .

    I'm a 40k player been playing lots, like 5 year'sssssssss ago … so yes i bearly know the 5th ed . I'm just getting back in it , bought some Tau 2 years ago and i played just once yet heeee!! . Well its not easy to find player around here... Where are you hiding fans of 40k ... :p ( humm1 it mate be me how's hiding all the way in Cawston heeee!!)

    Well I'm coming out of the bush and I'm looking for some good spirited players around this beautiful valley . I don't have a table but it mate be something i like to work on even if a communal one . Like put some time and money to have some nice table top pieces .

    Ho! yeh by the way I'm start to have a look on the FOW , i like to konw some more about it, what is the rules like . I mate be in for a airborne British still army.

    Hey!When you think you play to much, play even more…:p


  • Welcome back to the hobby. I went through the same thing a year ago when I stopped playing WoW and dug out all my old 40k.

    If your looking for some smaller games to help ease yourself back into the new rules I would suggest coming out to the 40k meet-ups at Quantum. There was a bit of a lull but it looks like they are back and being scheduled twice a month now. It'll be quite the drive for you its a great place to meet new players and talk geek.


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