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  • Hi -

    As many of you know, I've been pursuing the judging program in Magic. I've been speaking with some of the L2 and L3s from Vancouver to see if we could get some L1s here in town. If we did, we'd eventually be able to run our own PTQs, which would be pretty sweet. I'm sure many of you would love to attend a Pro Tour someday.

    Gordo has told me he's interested. Is anyone else? If so, the next Vancouver PTQ we go to will be an opportunity to judge side events (an 8 man draft, for example), earn judge foils, and still be able to play in the main PTQ event. Assuming you interview well with the L2/L3s, you'll be able to get your L1 and begin judging here from time to time (for FNMs, you can judge and play at the same time).

    Also - pass your Rules Advisor exam (you can take it online with a delay between retries).

    Let me know if you are, and give me your email address if you see me at the shop and I'll pass along the thread from Gavin Duggan (the regional coordinator for canada).

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  • I thought you needed atleast an L2 judge present to run a PTQ? I could be mistaken.

    I was interested, until I failed miserably the "advanced" practice exam on the judge center. That sort of dashed my hopes.

  • The hard exams are really hard, as they test all kind of little things that most of us haven't seen (I never even knew about world enchantments until today - similar to legendary/planeswalker rules, there can only be one in play at any time, but if you cast a second one, it "bumps" the first one into the graveyard but resolves successfully).

    We would need an L2 for a PTQ, yeah, my bad. :) Getting L1 would be the first step in any case, though. Hopefully L1 -> L2 isn't too slow.

  • I like to go to this website from time to time to read up on interesting interactions that they post and the explanation of the rules.


  • Yeah. I subscribe to that feed too, via twitter.

    Some good stuff to learn are layers, how the end step (and cleanup step) work (like when multiple things say "until end of turn"), and the difference in cards/copies/targets/owners/controllers.

  • Way back when I had friends who thought I knew so much about the rules of magic that I should look into Judging I just laughed at them, They thought I knew lots because I was able to coherently explain Protection to newbs.

    Magic is a game who's rules have so many little corners and cracks that are confusing to the best of us, Like the details of how Opalescence and Humility work together depending on the order they have been cast
    or really how Humility interacts with a bunch of crap. For a card with such simple rules text its quite complicated.

    Best of luck to those who do pursue judging but it's not for me I'll stick to being that guy who brings a rogue deck no ones thought of and goes 0-5 at FNM and just enjoy myself doing it.

  • To be fair, the interaction between Opalescence and Humility is probably one of the hardest in the game. Check out this Oracle text blurb:

    <cite>This is the current interaction between Humility and Opalescence: The type-changing effect applies at layer 4, but the rest happens in the applicable layers. The rest of it will apply even if the permanent loses its ability before it's finished applying. So if Opalescence, Humility, and Worship are on the battlefield and Opalescence entered the battlefield before Humility, the following is true: Layer 4: Humility and Worship each become creatures that are still enchantments. (Opalescence). Layer 6: Humility and Worship each lose their abilities. (Humility) Layer 7b: Humility becomes 4/4 and Worship becomes 4/4. (Opalescence). Humility becomes 1/1 and Worship becomes 1/1 (Humility). But if Humility entered the battlefield before Opalescence, the following is true: Layer 4: Humility and Worship each become creatures that are still enchantments (Opalescence). Layer 6: Humility and Worship each lose their abilities (Humility). Layer 7b: Humility becomes 1/1 and Worship becomes 1/1 (Humility). Humility becomes 4/4 and Worship becomes 4/4 (Opalescence).</cite>

    Layers. What the shit.

  • Yeah, I was just using it as an example of those tiny little corners that exist where complex interactions happen.

    I'm not old enough to have been playing when world enchantments were arround (Old enough at magic not at life) but I checked up on them the first time I heard of that green one that gives all creatures haste… It said "enchant world" and I was like "what the @&$^ does that mean?" so i comprehensive rules'd it.
    So many things my johnny side has wanted to do that wanted haste but didn't want red.

    World enchantments are funny because like you say one world enchantment bumps off another yet resolves, yet correct me if I am forgetting something they don't even need to have the same name with world enchantments
    It would be like if me playing Jace, Bumped off your Anji yet resolved.

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