Other, other, other Kyle's list

  • !WANTS! Rares: -Divine Reckoning x2 -Entreat the Angels x1 High Priority -Phyrexian Crusader x2 High Priority -Mirran Crusader High Priority -Gravecrawler x1 -Sublime Archangel x2 -Unbreathing Horde x1 Uncommons: -Blood Artist x2 -Builders Blessing x2 -Vampire Nighthawk x1 -Go For The Throat x2 -Tragic Slip x2 !HAVES! Standard; ~Black (1) Vampire Nocturnus (M13) (1) Monomania (M12) (1) Shimian Specter (M13) -Uncommon (2) Rise From the Grave (1) Public Execution (2) Cower in Fear (3) Barter in Blood (Mirrodin) (4) Consume Spirit (Mirrodin) (3) Smallpox (Time Spiral) (1) Onyx Mage (M12) (1) Duskmantle Prowler (1) Reassembling Skeleton (M12) ~Blue (1) Master of the Pearl Trident (M13) (1) Talrand, Sky Summoner (M13) (1) Battle of Wits (M13) (1) Rooftop Storm (Inni) (1) Djinn of Wishes (M12) (2) Sphinx of Uthuun (M12/M13) (1) Forbidden Alchemy (FNM Foil) -Uncommon (1) Sleep (4) Rewind (2) Courtly Provocateur (2) Chill of Foreboding (Dark Asc.) (2) Belltower Sphinx (Ravinca) (2) Jace's Phantasm (1) Master Thief (M12) (1) Augur of Bolas (2) Fog Bank (1) Merfolk Mesmerist (Foil) ~Green (1) Dungrove Elder (M12) (1) Quirion Dryad (M13) (1) Primordial Hydra (M13) -Uncommon (2) Duskdale Wurm (2) Fungal Sprout (2) Garruk's Packleader (1) Overrun (M12) (1) Jade Mage (M12) (1) Revive (M12) (2) Acidic Slime ~Red (1) Reverberate (M12) (1) Fervor (M13) (1) Slumbering Dragon (M13) -Uncommon (1) Mindclaw Shaman (1) Fireball (M12) (1) Volcanic Geyeser (1) Flames of the Firebrand (1) Arms Dealer (2) Torch Fiend (1) Circle of Flame (M12) (2) Cleaver Riot (2) Combust (M12) (1) Volcanic Dragon (M12) (1) Crimson Mage (M12) ~White (1) Gideon's Avenger (M12) (1) Captain of the Watch (M13) (2) Intrepid Hero (Urza's) -Uncommon (1) War Priest of Thune (1) Prized Elephant (2) Healer of the Pride (1) Arablest Elite (M12) (1) Elite Vanguard (M12) (1) Serra Angel (M12) (1) Rain of Blades (1) Angelic Benediction (1) Crusader of Odric ~Artifact (1) Solemn Simulacrum (M12) (1) Door to Nothingness (M13) (2) Staff of Nin (M13/Pre-release Foil) (1) Stuffy Doll (M13) (1) Trading Post (M13) -Uncommon (3) Ring of Xathrid (1 Foil) (2) Ring of Kalonia (1) Ring of Valkas (2) Ring of Thune (1) Ring of Evos Isle (3) Gem of Becoming (1) Clock of Omens (1) Kraken's Eye (M12) (1) Crown of Empires (M12) (2) Tormod's Crypt (1) Phyrexian Hulk (1) Swiftfoot Boots (M12) (1) Kitesail (2) Elixier of Immortality ~Land (1) Dragonskull Summit (M13) Older With Value Cards; ~Black (1) Infernal tutor (Dissen.) (1) Beacon of Unrest (C10) (2) Living End (Timespiral) (2) Death Cloud (Dark Steel) (4) Underworld Dreams (C8) (3) Skeletal Vampire ~Blue (2) Dominating Lucid (Exodus) (2) Vedalken Archmage (Mirrodin) (2) Body Double (Planar C.) (2) Evacuation (C8) (2) Wheel and Deal (Onslaught) (2) Fatespinner (Mirrodin) (1) Forced Fruition (Lorwyn) (2) Vesuvan Shapeshifter (Timespiral ~Green (1) Elvish Champion (C9) (2) Ambush Commander (Scourge) (1) Steely Resolve (Onslaught) (1) Viridian Zealot (Dark Steel) (1) Squirrel Wrangler (Prophicy) ~Red (1) Bogardan Hellkite (Timespiral) (4) Pandemonium (Exodus) ~White (4) Angel Grace (Timespiral) (1) Daybreak Coronet (Future S.) (3) Pulmonic Sliver (Timespiral) (1) Mangara of Corondor (Timespiral) ~Artifact (2) Magistrate's Scepter (Merc.) (1) Vedalken Orrery (Fifth Dawn) (2) Ensnaring Bridge (C8) (1) Coat of Arms (Exodus) (1) Platinum Angel (Mirrodin) (2) Darksteel Reactor (Darksteel) (1) Mana Web (Weatherl.) (2) Oblivion Stone (Mirrodin) (4) Howling Mine (C8) (2) Teferi's Puzzle Box (C8) ~Land (1) Vesuva (Timespiral) (1) Swarmyard (Timespiral) (1) Secluded Glen (Lorwyn) Older Chickenfeed Cards; ~Black (1) Western Paladin (C8) (1) Eastern Paladin (C8) (2) Murderous Betrayal (C8) (2) Warped Devotion (C8) (1) Nightmare (C6) (1) Hecatomb (C6) (2) Magus of the Mirror (Timespiral) (2) Curse of the Cabal (Timespiral) (1) Lim-Dul the Necromander (Timespiral) (2) Demonic Collusion (Timespiral) (2) Words of Waste (Onslaught) (1) Stronghold Overseer(Timespiral) (1) Ghastly Remains (Legions) (1) Necroplasm (Ravinca) (1) Plague Sliver (4) Lethal Vapors (Scourge) (1) Phage the Untouchable (Legions Damaged) (4) Dark Ritual (Merc) ~Blue (1) Vizzerdrix (Starter) (1) Imaginary Pet (C9) (1) Fleeting Image (C8) (1) Deflection (C8) (1) Shifting Sky (C8) (1) Mawcor (C7) (1) Hunted Phantasm (Ravinca) (1) Eye of the Storm (Ravinca) (1) Tunnel Vision (Ravinca) (1) Guile (Lorwyn) (1) Spawnbroker (Ravinca) (2) Moonlace (Timespiral) (1) Ixidron (Timespiral) (1) Magus of the Jar (Timespiral) (1) Zephid (Urza's) (2) Walk the Aeons (Timespiral) (1) Shapeshifter's Marrow (Future S.) (1) Spellweaver Volute (Future S.) (1) Braids, Conjurer Adept (Planar C. (2) Psionic Sliver (Timespiral) (1) Serra Sphinx (Planar C.) (1) Callous Oppressor (Legions) (1) Cerulean Sphinx (Ravinca) (4) Overburden (Prophicy) (1) Trade Secrets (Legions) ~Green (1) Natural Affinity (C8) (2) Glissa Sunseeker (Mirrodin) (1) Gaea's Herald (C8) (1) Spike Tiller (Timespiral) (1) Magus of the Candelabra (Timespiral) (1) Rhox (C10) (1) Plated Slagwurm (Mirrodin) (2) Squall Line (Timespiral) (1) Fungus Sliver (Timespiral) ~Red (1) Rakdos Pit Dragon (Dissen.) (1) Thieves' Auction (C8) (1) Mana Clash (C8) (1) Lava Hounds (C8) (1) Okk (C8) (1) Crimson Hellkite (C7) (1) Norin the Wary (Timespiral) (1) Molten Sentry (Ravinca) (3) Magus of the Scroll (Timespiral) (1) Sedge Sliver (Timespiral) (2) Word of Seizing (Timespiral) (1) Breath of Fury (Ravinca) (1) Flame Fusillade (Ravinca) (1) Trash for Treasure (Mirrodin) (2) Torchling (Planar C.) (1) Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician (Timespiral) (2) Fortune Thief (Timespiral) ~White (1) Scouts Warning (Future S.) (1) Three Dreams (Ravinca) (1) Loxodon Gatekeeper (Ravinca) (2) Chronosavant (Timespiral) (2) Weathered Bodyguards (Timespiral) (2) Retether (Planar C.) (2) Evangelize (Timespiral) (1) Seht's Tiger (Future S.) (1) Mageta the Lion (Prophecy) (1) Hour of Reckoning (Ravinca) (2) Tivadar of Thorn (Timespiral) (1) Planar Guide (Legions) (1) Magus of the Disk (Timespiral) (1) Pentarch Paladin (Timespiral) (1) Celestial Dawn (Timespiral) ~Multi-Color (1) Bloodbond March (Ravinca) (3) Mishra, Artificer Prodigy (Timespiral) (1) Woodwraith Corruptor (Ravinca) (2) Stonebrow, Krosan Hero (Timespiral) (1) Ith, High Arcanist (Timespiral) (1) Teneb, the Harvester (Planar C.) (2) Kaervek the Merciless (Timespiral) (1) Vorosh, the Hunter (Planar C.) (1) Oros, the Avenger (Planar C.) (2) Teysa, Orzhov Scion (Guildpact) (1) Dovescape (Dissension) ~Artifact (1) Aladdin's Ring (C8) (1) Jayemdae Tome (C8) (1) Dingus Egg (c8) (1) Imi Statue (Kimig.) (1) Nullstone Gargoyle (Ravinca) (2) Candles of Leng (Timespiral) (1) Saroadian Empires, Vol. VII (Timespiral) (2) Triskelavus (Timespiral) (1) Darksteel Garrison (Planar Chaos) (2) Lodestone Myr (Mirrodin) (1) Millstone (C10) (1) Hivestone (Timespiral) (1) Whetwheel (Planar Chaos) (1) Jinxed Choker (1) Mirari (Timespiral) ~Land (1) Kher Keep

  • Offer:

    1x Unbreathing Horde - $0.75
    1x Drowned Catacomb - $3


    1x Serra Avenger - $3
    1x Firewing Phoenix - $0.75

    Let me know if that works for you. Hopefully you can make it to Q this friday.

  • I am actually going camping this weekend so I won't be there until the August 3rd FNM. If you can wait I can make that trade.

  • If it is draft on Aug 3rd I won't be there, so would you be willing to hold onto the cards until FNM on the 10th?

  • 4 O-rings = $4
    2 Fiend hunters =$1.50
    4 Diregraf ghouls = $3.00
    1 unbreathing horde = $0.75
    1 mentor of the meek = $0.50

    1 Vesuva = $10.00


    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • My Entreat the Angels ($20) for your Thragtusk ($15) and Talrand ($6)? I can make up the 1 dollar with an O-ring or something else worth a dollar if you get your o-rings from the guy above me. And I don't mind waiting till Aug 3rd.

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  • I can make All those trades, updated my list with a couple new haves and removed the ones that will be traded.

    Also Chris I will be there on the 10th aye.

  • Couldn't find that many O-rings.

    2 Blood artist = $3
    4 Diregraf ghoul = $3
    2 fiend hunters = $1.50
    1 O-ring = $1
    1 unbreathing horde = $.75
    1 mentor of the meek = $0.50

    Still good? see you on the tenth?


    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • Sure, I can still get the O-rings from metalhunter

  • Added more rares, valuable uncommons, and unglued cards

  • would love 4x aether vial. Ill see what I can dig up off of your wants list.

  • I will be there for the Gameday on Saturday if you can make it then we can finish our trade.

  • I'm trying to find a way in Saturday but at the moment it is still up in the air.

  • Just want to confirm you will be at FNM tonight. I'm not drafting, but I am showing up for trades, so I wanted to make sure you were still coming. My name is Steve, I have long hair and a long beard. I should be easy to spot.

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  • Yes I will be there, and I try to get there early so keep watch for the big dude with a Blizzcon shirt

  • Right on, see you there.

    Abbath Announces Candidacy: Vows To End Global Warming By Covering The Entire World In Permafrost.


  • Made a lot of trade instore so updated my Haves and added a few Needs!

  • Trades with Luke to date, posting here to have a list keeping track for his records.
    My Cards traded to Luke:
    1x Squirrel Wrangler (Prophicy) $2.00
    3x Magistrate's Scepter (Merc) $5.00 each
    1x Vedalken Orrery (Fifth Dawn) $5.00
    2x Ensnaring Bridge (Stronghold) $6.00 each
    2x Ensnaring Bridge (C8) $6.00 each
    1x Entreat the Angels (Avacyn) $12.00
    1x Vesuva (Time Spiral) $10.00
    x2 Academy Ruins (Time Spiral) $12.00 each
    1x Mirari (Time Spiral) $1.50
    2x Damnation (Future Sight) $30.00 each
    1x Forced Fruition (lorwyn) $1.50
    2x Debtors' Kneel (Guild Pact) $8.00 each
    2x Viridian Zealot (Darksteel) $2.00 each
    1x Elvish Champion (C9) $5.00
    1x Seismic Assault (C8) $3.00
    4x Orim's Chant (Planeshift) $15.00 each (1 damaged)
    4x Gemstone Mine (Weatherlight) $4.00 each
    1x Burgeoning (Stronghold) $6.00 each
    1x Pattern of Rebirth (Urza's D) $3.50
    5x Aether Vial (DarkSteel) $15.00 each
    2x Skullclamp (Darksteel) $2.50 each
    2x Eternal Witness (Fifth Dawn) $5.00 each
    1x Magma Jet (Fifth Dawn) $5.00
    3x Steelshaper's Gift (Fifth Dawn) $5.00 each
    4x Counterspell (Merc) $1.50 each
    2x Isochron Scepter (Mirrodin) $6.00 each
    4x Wirewood Lodge (Onslaught) $3.00 each
    2x Alpha Status (Scourge) $2.00 each
    4x Brain Freeze (Scourge) $3.00 each
    4x Dragonspeaker Shaman (Scourge) $3.00 each
    4x Goblin Warchief (Scourge) $3.00 each
    1x Tendrils of Agony (Scourge) $1.50
    2x Undead Warchief (Scourge) $5.00 each
    2x Wall of Blossoms (Stronghold) $2.50 each
    4x Wall of Souls (Stronghold) $2.00 each
    33x Random foils some rares $Unknown Value didn't keep track
    ~Total value = $468

    Luke Traded to me:
    3x Gravecrawler (Dark Asc) $10.00 each
    4x Geralf's Messenger (Dark Asc) $10.00 each
    1x Endless Ranks of the Dead (Innistrad)$1.50
    4x Glacial Fortress (M13) $2.50 each
    1x Mirran Crusader (Mirrodin B) $1.50
    2x Phyrexian Crusader (Mirrodin B) $2.00 each
    1x Vault of the Archangel (Dark Asc) $2.00
    1x Ajani, Caller of (M13) $20.00
    1x Black Sun's Zenith (Mirrodin B) $3.00
    1x Darkslick Shores (Scars of M) $3.50
    2x Drowned Catacomb (M13) $3.00 each
    1x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad (Dark Asc) $15.00
    4x Isolated Chapel (Innistrad) $12.00
    1x Phyrexian Metamorph (New Phyrexia) $5.00
    1x Rooftop Storm (Innistrad) $0.50
    35x Commons $Not counting
    14x Uncommons $Not counting
    ~Total Value = $154

  • Wow, the Lukescavator mining people's trades for gold again. And not willing to part with equal value. This is truly ugly to look at lol.

  • If a person is willing to make a trade for under value that is there own choice, it appears you were willing to do so in some fashion. There are however 2 problems that can occur with un-even dollar value when trading.

    1. An experienced trader taking advantage of new players that don't know any better. Obviously not the issue in your case.

    2. An agreement for getting more cards in the future to make up some of the lost value in the current trade. Seems that this is where your issue lies. As I understand it, you had an agreement to receive another card or cards in the future.

    When you approached Luke to get the card(s) you were waiting on, he felt the trade was already completed and he owed you nothing. You cannot prove if he is just saying that to rip you off or if there was truly a miss communication. Best move on both players parts would be to reverse the original trade. If one of the parties is unwilling to do so, you'll know weather or not you are being ripped off.

    If I was in your shoes and being ripped off I know what I would do.

    I think it's unfair for the majority of people that bitch about there past trades with Luke. If your dumb enough to give your cards away at below value that's your own fault. In the case where your under the impression that the person your trading with owes you future considerations, make a fucking list.

    If someone steals from you slap them, its not that difficult.

  • I did willingly trade several older cards to Luke in order to quickly get back into Standard, the same way I gave you 2 Lilliana's for 1 Sublime because I was happy to do so for the circumstance. However with Luke there is expectations and requirements for future cards to which as of last night he did not honor. The point of the list is hopefully he will see it and understand my generosity and come to the conclusion he made a grand error in ripping me off.

    The next move is Luke's as he can do 1 of three things;
    ~Give me what is owed
    ~Give me back my cards and I will return his
    ~Continue to play ignorant and lose what it seems was his last friend at quantum

    I don't have the power to force any of the above options so for now let's see how it plays it out.

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