New to site, but not to Quantum. Looking for YuGiOh players. :)

  • Hey everyone, I'm Kris! You may know me from the YuGiOh tournaments, as I drop in from time to time. I haven't been in a long time now, but I might head down this Sunday.

    I am relatively new to YuGiOh and don't have too many rare cards, and I'm always willing to learn more about the game and sharpen my skills. I play on Dueling Network all the time though, and my ID there is Kaymac. Feel free to add me if you play there. :)

    Kris at the Yu-Gi-Oh locals. If you have anything I want, I'm willing to buy or trade. :)
    Wants: Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Queen Dragun …


  • Hey, check out the thread below for a listing of cards:

    I mostly have older cards from the first 4 sets so I have no idea if they are even used today but if you want any I can let em go easy. Looking for MTG cards so if there is anything you want push comes to shove ill take you buying me packs from Quantum or singles =D

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