Looking to get back into magic

  • Hey all,

    I recently was looking into m13 and decided to get back into magic. I was just wondering if the prerelease on sunday is a good place to start? How competitive is the tourney? I feel like 6 packs for 30$ and a chance a winning some is a good deal. Just have no experience doing deck-building with that kind of restriction.
    If anyone has suggestions or tips let me know!

  • I've played off and on since Alpha and in all my times returning I always came back during a Core prerelease. I've been out of Magic for about 5 years, and like you have decided to enjoy a day at the M13 on Sunday. My deck-building isn't the greatest either and being gone so long I have to brush up on new rules and effects and such - and in my opinion, a core release for me has always been the best way to return.

  • Prereleases are actually the most casual events in magic you can go to. There are about 10 competitive players if that in Kelowna and there's about 90-100 players who join the event. So even if you suck, most likely you'd be playing someone who sucks just as much if not more.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


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