PTQ results - WNM

  • For anyone attending wednesday night magic, I would just like you to take a second out of your time and try and make gordo feel better for losing at the ptq over this past weekend. He tried his very best but still came up " short ". Hopefully next time you will do better Gordon, best of luck!

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    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • Don't really see why you needed to make a thread… I'm very content just making top 8.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • How many registered?

  • about 8 ;)

  • 76 players. I went 5-2 for 11th, stef and chris both went 4-3.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • I believe they spelt your name wrong on the roguegaming forum Gordo…

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