Malifaux dead heat campaign

  • So Wyrd games has released a Malifaux summer campaign that starts as of today and runs until Aug. 26, 2012. It's a faction vs faction setup and the winning faction will receive an alt sculpt of their henchman model(s). Now Kelowna is still relatively new to Malifaux and to the best of my knowledge we don't have a local henchman to record the results. I did however notice on the Malifaux subreddit that one of the moderators was willing to take recorded results from communities that have yet to establish themselves (i.e. henchmen). The one caveat being that this will be run on the honour system, don't break it!

    The rules can be found here.

    If there is any interest out there I figured we could use this thread to tabulate results. What we would need to record is which factions, who was the attacker and defender, what sector was fought over and who won.

    Also I believe tomorrow (saturday june 16) there will be a few Malifaux players showing up to quantum if you are looking for other players. Additionally although I do not use facebook I would be more than willing to exchange emails via pm if anyone is looking for a game.

  • Hey, just a friendly reminder to any Malifaux players to check out the Kelowna Gaming Club on facebook. Its a great place to drum up some new opponents amd organize events.

    Also I strongly recommend that everyone check out the updated models/errata/faq hosted on the Wyrd site. You'd be surprised at what your getting wrong _so please take a look, maybe print it out for yourself.

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